Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ghetto Reese's

Hey Everyone!!!!!! I hope ya'll are having a great Thursday evening =)...

I went back to work today but didn't last the whole day but at least I got a lot done while I was there. Hopefully maƱana will be better =)

Eats and Workouts

I started the day off with my new favorite breakfast...Oatmeal in a PB Jar!!! I seriously could eat this everyday. I tossed in 1/2 a Banana and had my usual coffee =). For Lunch I had a pint of Chicken Noodle Soup with a piece of Foccacia Bread. The Italian Restaurant near my job has the best soup...I have been spoiled by this restaurant; no other place can compare to them. After lunch I had Breyers Light YoCrunch Yogurt in Peach; I don't think I will be buying these again.

After work I came home and decided to workout...I did the EA Active Challenge and burned 303 Calories in 40 Minutes. I am still not 100 Percent better so I didn't push myself too hard. For Dinner I had another Green Smoothie which had Spinach, Oikos Honey Yogurt, 1/2 a Frozen Banana, and a little bit of PB.

For some reason I was craving Reese's Cups all day and decided just to mix up a few Tablespoons of PB and Nestle Toll House Milk Chocolate Chips to satisfy the craving and they def hit the spot! But I think I over did it with the PB today because my stomach is hurting a little bit. 

I am so excited! Tonight is the Project Runway Premiere!!!! And before the season premiere they are having the Project Runway All Star Challenge wooohoooooo.  I doubt I will stay up to watch the Project Premiere though...when did 10 pm become late? God I'm getting old BUT Thank God for DVR =)

Have a fabulous night! See you in the am =)


-- Namaste
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  1. Oats in a jar!! Mmm!! I need an empty pb jar stat!

  2. I saw the all star challenge but could not stay up for the new one either, haha. I think my bff is DVR'ing it though so hopefully I can watch it with her this weekend ;-)

    I love PB Jar oatmeal too! I wish we could have it everyday...but that would mean we'd have to eat the PB really fast, haha.

  3. At the rate I was going ayer...I see Oats in a Jar in my near future lol