Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Miss My Contacts...

My eye is still hurting this morning so I decided to just wear my glasses and not even chance putting in my contacts. Thank God it is cloudy so the sun didn't really interfere with my driving. Anyone that knows me knows that I never leave my house without sunglasses so these past few days have been torture. I stopped by the Drugstore this morning and picked up Eye Wash; hopefully it helps =)

While I was at the drugstore, I bumped into a friend....JIL JIL! I remember her mentioning on her show that she wanted to start her own line of Fat Burners etc and she did! I am not sure if I will try these but I know she is in the process of creating her own Protein Powder and THAT I will definitely try

Ayer After work I went home and loafed on the couch and watched a few episodes of Charmed. Actually I spent the entire evening watching them lol; I had like 6 shows waiting for me on my DVR. For Din Din I made myself a Green Monster with Spinach, PB, 1 scoop of LMM, Frozen Banana, and Frozen Strawberries

I wasn't planning to do a strenuous workout so I just did 30 minutes of abs while I watched Charmed. Nothing beats Alyssa Milano's abs to motivate my bum to get off the couch lol...I ended up burning 161 Calories.

This morning it was super tough to get out of bed. The temperature dropped to the 60's and my bed was so cozy lol...I ended up crawling out around 7ish. I WAS going to just nix my morning workout but that little nagging voice in my head talked me into doing something. I did 30 day Shred Level 2 and burned 270 Calories in 27 minutes. Before my workout I had 1/2 a Banana (not pictured) and after I had 1 scoop of LMM

This morning for Breakfast I had Chobani again since I brought 2 ayer (sorry, Kristina) with 1 tbsp of PB and my usual coffee.

As some of you read on my post ayer, I felt like I was an Oikos Traitor because I brought Chobani (because Oikos was sold out). I mentioned that Oikos was expensive on a comment after my post and Kristina came across it and reminded as to why Oikos is more expensive. She made some great points but the number one thing that stuck in my head was "All of the farmers that supply us with milk are guaranteed a fair, living wage". If it takes me spending me 2 dollars and change per container so that someone can support their family than I will! And let's not forget how much I love my Oikos lol but you might see Chobani on my page too if Oikos is sold out =)




  1. I hope the eye wash works...but if it doesn't, please call your Dr tomorrow. You don't want to go all weekend letting whatevers wrong get worse.

    Can I just say this: BAHAHAHAH!!! I can't imagine how funny it would be to see some random girl taking a picture of Jillian's display. Oh, and I laughed SO hard when I read how you "bumped into" her...LOL!!!

  2. The worse part was that I forgot to put my phone on silent so it made that Camera noise!

  3. Yeah I'm still laughing!

  4. So Jillian put out fat burners? Are they pills? I'm a little surprised by that.

    But I would try a protein powder as long as it didn't have a lot of fake ingredients.

    Good luck with the eye!

  5. Yup she has Fat Burners, Detox and Cleanse, and Calorie Control

  6. I am not surprised to see she wants to market herself/her name as much as possible now but I am disappointed to see her putting those types of things on the market. IMO, Fat Burners, Detox and Cleansers are very unhealthy.

    I know you love her though.

    That video was crazy! wow! what is that for?

    no texting while driving!

  7. I have had issues with my contacts as well in the past and so I feel your pain. Those things are so temperamental!

    I tend to not trust anything that promises to burn fat without you actually getting off your butt. I love Jillian, but the fat burning powder seems slightly ridiculous. Now protein powder, I have faith in.


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