Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pita Pan Review

They just opened a new restaurant near my job and everyone keeps raving about it and from the crowd you could tell it has to be good because we have A lOT of restaurants in this area and everyone has seemed to flock to this place.

This is Pita Pan's second location, the original is in Astoria Queens which is known for it's Greek food and you know how much I love me some Greek, OPA! Pita Pan's tag line is "Fresh Fast Tasty", I am a fan of all three things so I decided to give them a shot.
Today was Protein Day so I could not try what I really wanted which was a Pita Pan Gyro so I reluctantly decided to get a salad; they have a great selection of Gourmet Organic salads. I chose the Mandarin Salad; baby mustard greens with sliced almonds, mandarins, raisins, and honey vinaigrette. They give you the option to add protein for an additional charge, so you know I had to get Gyro Meat lol. For me, the best way to tell if a salad is good is by choosing to leave the dressing off AND I DID! This salad was full of so much flavor that I didn't even see the point of the dressing. Another thing I liked was that it was not HUGE; sometimes a salad can be overwhelming but if you are starving, they do give you the option to double it for an extra charge.

Besides a great selection of salads, sandwiches, paninis etc; they also have a variety of smoothies. I decided to try the Berry Smooth Smoothie which is anti-oxident berries, banana, mint, and fresh low fat yogurt. This was perfect for my afternoon slump; it woke my bum up lol. It was not heavy but instead very refreshing on this 90 degree day.

Of course reviews can't be all great, I did have one complaint. When I placed my order, I requested that one of the salads come with a Whole Wheat Pita instead of regular and they forgot to make that change. I did take a bite of the pita they sent since they are Pita Pan and it was delish

I already told my sister that she has to meet me one day so that we could have dinner at the restaurant.
Let's Recap:
Fresh (check)
Fast (check)
Tasty (double check)
If you are in the NY area, give them a try


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