Saturday, August 22, 2009

Step Away From The Ice Cream...

Happy Saturday!

It is pretty muggy and yucky on this end...but thank God I am home and done running errands etc.

This morning I worked at the gym and it was so nice to see how much I was missed last weekend. All the ladies kept saying how happy they were to see me back. And I trained a new member who was really cool and she thanked me for my patience and said I was a great trainer =). Sometimes working there can totally lift my spirits but don't get me wrong; we have some ladies that spit pure venom...all they do is complain about everything. I try my best to block them out and counter attack their negativity with drives them nuts lol

Eats and Workouts
Last night before bed I did EA Active Challenge and burned 258 Calories in 30 minutes.

This morning before heading out to the gym, I made a Green Monster with 1/2 a frozen Banana, Spinach, and Oikos Honey Yogurt. For Lunch I stopped at Taco Bell after running errands and picked up a Fresco Steak Soft Taco and a Fresco Steak Burrito with a side of Guacamole.

While I was at the supermarket I picked up Breyer's Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, against my better judgement. It started off great, I just had a little bit after lunch. But then I found myself getting up for more and More and some MORE. I think the container is half way done ((((Gasp))) at 130 calories a serving (((ouch))))! It's just so hot and muggy out there and it's making my throat feel so much better =). NO MO ICE CREAM! Lol

I hope everyone has a great night...I might be going out to dinner with my dad which should be fun or maybe just throw some Steaks on the grill (((((yuuuuuums))))).


-- Namaste
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  1. I love the all natural ice cream! I have spent a lot of time in that aisle of the grocery store but so far have managed not to bring it in -- it's been hard though. I've been meaning to ask you this for a while but what certification do you have? I'm studying to be a trainer now and I'm always looking for advice ;-)

  2. You sound just like me! That's why I never buy ice cream.. there's just no willpower with me and desserts. But one day won't hurt- your a workout queen!

  3. I was certified in 2006 by AAAI ISMA but I let it lapse because the plan was to be certfied with NASM but when I finally saved up for it a few months ago, my car's engine broke down =(

    Who are you planning to get it from? I never knew you were studying for it, that's so cool =). My dream would be to be able to quit my 9-5 and do personal training full time!

  4. I have the materials for the ACSM, which I've heard is pretty good. I'm taking an exercise science college course first and then I hope to study and test for the exam either the end of this year or early next year. That's my dream too, we should start our own business together :)

  5. ACSM, ACE, and NASM seem to be the best ones =)...

    I want to be the next Jillian or maybe the female Bob HA...

    ohhh we should so start our own company with two locations ha (a girl can dream)


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