Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today is a happy day! My cousin gave birth to her baby boy at 9:18 this morning! I can't wait to meet him =)...welcome the family, Matthew! 

I have been totally slacking! I was given two awards this week and have yet to pass them along. I promise on Monday when I am finally in front of my computer, I will finally play it forward so stay tuned =)

Eats and Workouts
Ayer for Lunch, I had a cup and a half of Lipton soup and paired it with half a WW Wrap with half a Banana and pb. This was so good that I had the same thing for dinner. I slept for most of the day but did manage to do 30 minutes of Start Walking and burned 204 Calories. I woke up around 10 pm STARVING and I only wanted one thing...PAPA JOHNS! I tried to fight the urge but it won (this time) I ordered a personal pan pizza of the "works" and a cinnapie (no pics, sorry).  They tried to tell me that I couldn't get a Works Personal Pan Pizza because it is too small but I got my way =)...they love to give a hard time.  This morning for breakfast I was not really hungry nor in the mood to cook so I made a quick Breakfast which was FiberOne Pancakes with light Syrup and a cup of Tea.

I am trying to motivate to go to the supermarket but I have no "umph". I can't wait till I am back to my old self again =)

Have a fabulous day!


-- Namaste
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