Wednesday, September 16, 2009

10 for 10!

Hey everyone!!!! I just realized that it is already Wednesday! wooooohooooo. I am still feeling a tad tired today but I am so happy that the weekend is almost here =). My friend mentioned that perhaps I feel so sluggish because the weather keeps changing on us, who knows.

Eats and Workouts:

Ayer for Lunch we ordered from Press 195. I got the lunch special which is 1/2 a Sandwich with either Soup, Fries, or Salad. I ended up getting 1/2 a Cuban on Ciabatta Bread with no Pork and a Southwest Beef Stew...omg this stew was A (Wait for it) MAZING! It was loaded with soooo many veggies and packed with flavor.

Look at how hearty this looks!

When I got home I worked out for 1 hour which included 40 minutes of Cardio: Jumping Jacks, Jogging, Jump Rope, Ice Skaters, and Kickboxing. 15 minutes of Abs: Crunches, Crunches with Knee Raise, Reverse Plank Knee Up on Ball, Knee Tuck with Ball. And 5 minutes of Stretching and burned a total 403 Calories.

For Din Din I made some yummy pasta, if I can say so myself lol. First I Sauteed Onions, Mushrooms, and Spinach in EVOO and minced Garlic while I boiled WW Pasta. I then tossed together the Veggies and Pasta in Vodka Sauce, Grated RF Parm, and LICBINB.

Fast and Delish! just the way I like it =)

I WAS going to skip dessert but then I remembered that I wont be able to eat this for the next two days because of Protein Day so I just had to have it lol

This morning I quite literally dragged my bum out of bed. It is getting so much harder to get up since the sun is not quite out until 7ish. I got up a little after 7 and had a few bites of a Banana and tossed the rest; they are going bad so fast. I need to start getting them when they are still green (I hate wasting money). I did Jil Jil's Kickboxing DVD and 15 mins of Abs; Bicycles, Sit ups, Reverse Plank Knee Up on Ball, and Flutter Kicks. Burned 307 Calories in 35 minutes.

After my workout I had 1 scoop of LMM

For Breakfast I just had Honey Oikos with PB and my usual Coffee

The Oikos GREEK Gods are looking down on me, they were on sale 10 FOR 10!!!! 1 Dollar for Oikos?!?!?!?! GASP...WOOOHOOO...I snatched up the last 6 Honey Ones lol

Have a great day everyone!



  1. $1 Oikos?! Where do you live?!!! That stew looks delicious. I don't eat red meat often, but stew is one of my favourites (random, but it's amazing with a drizzle of Thousand island dressing on top!)

    Overripe bananas = perfect for oatmeal or banana bread!

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. Woo hoo, that is awesome! I'm sure Kristina from Stonyfield will be happy now too ;-) Have a great day girl!

  3. I need to learn how to make Banana Bread because I just keep tossing them away lol...

    Ha I am thinking Kristina might have some pull with the Greek Gods lol

  4. I look forward to reading your blog! It's really great! Congrats on your 80 pound weight loss-that's amazing!

  5. Where is the world did you find Oikos for $1!!! That is such a bargain! I found Kashi cereal for $2 a box and was excited about that.

  6. Hi Jenn! They were on sale at Keyfood =)

  7. I'm feeling you on the sluggishness. I've been looking forward to crawling in bed all day!

  8. That sandwich looks delicious! And great workout!

  9. Whoa, one dollar Oikos! I need to hit up your supermarket.

    That stew looks so hearty. I would want a bowl just of that - forget the sandwich!

    What is protein day? If it meant giving up ice cream for two days, I would have to nix it.


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