Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comfort Foods...

Hey Everyone!!!!!!! I hope ya'll are having a good weekend so far =). Mine has been pretty uneventful and I love it!

Eats and Workouts:

Ayer for lunch I was craving some sort of soup since it was a rainy and cold day. We ended up ordering from Press 195 and I got 1/2 a Cuban Panini on Ciabatta Bread, with no Pork and I paired it with French Onion Soup...this totally hit the spot.

Ever since I can remember, one of favorite Comfort Foods is Mac and Cheese with Hotdogs and this all I could think about at work lol. I went to the Grocery Store and picked up a box of Kraft Organic Mac and Cheese in my favorite flavor; White Cheddar. I was hesitant to try this but OMG it was so freaking good and it went well with Jenny O Turkey Hotdogs...this was so good that I felt like I was being "bad" lol. After Dinner I had a Cookie Dough Lil Drum Cone.  Later in the evening I had a bowl of Count Chocula with FF milk; btw I can't believe that the small box of cereal actually lasted a week in my apartment; that is freaking progress ha.  Before bed I did 30 minutes of Step with my Wii Fit while holding 3 pound weights the whole time and burned 240 Calories.

This morning I had 1/2 a Banana and then did a quick workout before heading to the gym...I ended up doing the Cardio Section of my Women's Health DVD and burned 222 Calories in 22 minutes. For Breakfast I had a Green Monster with Spinach, 1/2 a packet of Kashi Oatmeal, 1/2 a Frozen Banana, 1 scoop of Chocolate LMM, and 1 tbsp of PB. It was so much that I had 1/2 before my workout (at gym) and the other 1/2 when I was done.  I did the Circuit for 30 minutes and 5 minutes Stretch and burned 352 Calories. For lunch at had leftover Mac and Cheese while I did some laundry...ohhh another workout is going up and down 4 flights of stairs about 3 times and two of those times with a huge laundry bag =).

Right now I am just relaxing and watching the Jay-Z concert...I love him so much but now I love him even more for doing this 9/11 concert! 

Tonight should be fun, my niece invited me over to her house and you would think I was Hannah Montana or something; she is so excited about me going over (they usually come here instead of me going there)...I think we are going to order Pizza (((((yay)))))

Maybe I should go take a nap so I could stay up late tonight..have a great one!


-- Namaste
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  1. Sometimes you just need to whip out that classic blue box! I haven't had Kraft's since college. Good memories. Have fun with your niece!

  2. Haha, I always have to take a nap if I want to stay up past 11, hehe.