Sunday, September 6, 2009

Count Chocula Craving...

About a week ago my sister scared the crap out of me. She called me to tell me that they discontinued Count Chocula! ((((Gasp)))))...this is my favorite Kiddy Cereal of all time. I quickly started Googling online and found conflicting information and then I called General Mills (yeah I am one of those people) and they told me they still had it but it only certain places. Since I barely buy it, I didn't even notice if they had it at my Supermarket so I called them too and (((((wiping forehead in relief))))) they had it. Just the thought of never eating it again, made me buy a box ayer lol It is just as good as I remembered but I think they reduced the sugar in it or something because it tasted somewhat "healthier"...maybe it's because it is made of Whole Grain? Hmmm (((((thinking cap))))))

I wasn't really hungry for dinner since I snacked on Count Chocula with FF Milk so I kept din din light. I had Chobani Honey Yogurt with PB and a sprinkle of Kashi Granola.

This morning I woke up and was ready to get my Zen on. I ate 1/2 a Banana and then got ready for Yoga Class. Yoga was not very Zen though; prior to class starting an accident happened. A lady was hit by a van while carrying her groceries home and the man didn't even realize he hit her until my Yoga teacher yelled for him to stop. The lady managed to crawl out from under the was a miracle. We dedicated our Yoga session to her. Please keep her in your prayers..

After class I came home and fixed Breakfast; I had Kashi Oatmeal with PB and the other half of my Banana. I wanted to go out and enjoy the beautiful day but Koko has been sick since last night and I couldn't bring myself to leave him alone. I ended up napping on the couch for a couple of hours (I love lazy days) and just woke up to have lunch. I really loved how my Meatless Philly Cheesesteak turned out last week that I had to make it again and it was just as good. After lunch I had a Drumstick Chocolate Fudge Lil Drum Cone (I have been behaving).

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday Part 2; I love 3 day Weekends!


-- Namaste
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  1. I am adding you to my google reader :) <3 Chobani meatless philly cheesesteak? I must learn more abt thing :)

  2. 3 day weekends are completely awesome! I love knowing that I still have a whole day ahead of me.

    I felt that same way about the cereal when I realized that Rice Krispies Treats Cereal was taken off the market. The only place I can find it now is on Amazon. My roommate and I ordered four boxes last year to satisfy our cravings!

  3. Wow, I haven't seen that cereal in ages! I don't think my supermarket carries it but I will look next time, but I won't buy it, hehe.

  4. Ha you can buy it and send it to me haha


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