Tuesday, September 8, 2009


defeated - beaten or overcome; not victorious; "the defeated enemy" not successful; having failed or having an unfavorable outcome; "undefeated in battle"; "an undefeated team"

This is the word that someone VERY close to me used to describe her situation, defeated. She has been struggling with her weight loss for as long as I can remember. Weight Watcher, Shakes, Counting Calories etc. She always starts a new "diet" with the best intentions but a week later she is back where she started; with the "Monday will be a new day" mentality. It kills me to see her go through this and every time I see a glimmer of hope, I am in full salute "I'll Help You". Last night when she said she felt defeated, I was in shock...how are you defeated? you are not even 35 yeard old? You have the tools, you know what to do, YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT! (thanks Nike)...I think her biggest problem is that she does not see herself actually doing it so she is settling for this life. I want to SHAKE her and tell her ENOUGH already! I did it and so can you! If I could cook her dinner every night and hold her hand while she works out, I would. If I could run 1000 miles if it meant SHE would shed the weight, I would. But this is not how weight loss works. There is no quick fix....shit I have been trying to lose the same 15lbs for as long as I can remember and I could just say F it and accept that this as good as it gets or I can wake up at 6:15 every morning and Work my bum off and make healthy choices through out the day. And hey even if I never lose these 15 pounds, at least I did not just give up and throw my hands in the air. This is not a diet, this is a LIFESTYLE!

So here I am again in Full Salute..."I am here to help you, just ask"

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise. Anais Nin

It's funny how the world works...Here I am starting the book "Eat Pray Love" and I have someone very near to me that can benefit from reading the words on these pages

thanks for listening to me vent...moving on...

Eats and Workouts

Ayer for lunch I gave the Vodka Sauce another try but made some alterations. First I sauteed the Spinach and Mushrooms in EVOO and then I mixed it with the cooked WW Pasta while I added the Vodka Sauce, Grated RF Parm, and LICBINB. This definitely made it better!

For din din I mashed 1/2 a Banana and mixed it with 1 tbsp of PB and then scooped it inside a WW Wrap and pressed it on my Skillet (YUUUUUMS)

And for Dessert I had a Drumstick Cookie Dough Lil Drum Cone; I have been so GOOD with these!

This morning I had 1/2 a Banana before my workout and then I did EA Active for 40 minutes (I did sooooo many lunges ouch) and Level 2 of 30 Day Shred and burned a total of 505 Calories.

After my workout, I had 1 scoop of LMM

For Breakfast I just had Kashi Oatmeal with the other half of the Banana and PB with my usual coffee

Have a fabulous day everyone!


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