Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feed Me Seymour!

Once a month for about 5 days I turn into this!

I become Audrey 2 and I am HUUUUUUUUUUNGRY's funny because my family has this running joke that I am the "endless pit" and it's even more true for these few days. Ayer the day started off normal...

For lunch we ordered from Pita Pan and I got the Mandarin Salad once again with Gyro Meat

And this time they got it right and sent me the WW Pita!

I ended up eating a little bit even though it was Protein Day. This reminded me of the Bushman Bread at Outback Steakhouse, I wished I had some LICBINB to smear on it lol

I wanted to try a new Smoothie so I ordered the Honey Berry which was Strawberries, Banana, and Honey.

The concept of this Smoothie was good but it just wasn't executed to it's full potential. It was very watery and not that sweet..I barely could taste the Honey or even the natural sweetness of the Fruit; I only ended up drinking 1/2 of this and tossed the rest out.

The Madness begins....

After lunch I was VERY tired and grabbed a tbsp of PB to perk myself up. When I got home from work I was STARVING and grabbed the rest of the Rainbow Cookie Sorbet. Joanne I get this from Ralph's Famous Italian Ices ...they have various locations =) in NY

I was still hungry so I had another tbsp of PB and then decided just to make dinner. I had a Green Monster made with Spinach, Frozen Strawberries, 1/2 a Frozen Banana, 1 tbsp of PB, and water.

This held me over until about 7ish and boom I was hungry again...I ended up eating a 100 Calorie Kettle Corn Popcorn bag and 1/2 of another bag...

So much for Protein day! lol

I managed to workout for a little bit before going to bed. I did 15 minutes of Kettlebell and 10 minutes of Abs and burned 207 Calories while I watched Charmed lol.

This morning I listened to my body and slept a little longer and woke up at 6:30. I had 1/2 a Banana and then did EA Active Challenge for 35 minutes and then did 200 Jumping Jacks for 5 more minutes and burned 310 Calories.

After my workout I had 1 scoop of LMM

And for Breakfast I just had Chobani Honey Yogurt with a little bit of PB and my usual iced coffee

The End of an Era...ayer I officially closed down my Myspace Page! I was so over the same crap...I love how they ask you "Why are you leaving?" and one of the answers is "bored with myspace" lol that is what I chose. I don't have a facebook account either...this blog is all I need lol

Phone Debate

I recently started getting tired of talking on the phone. It all started when I was sick...I got used to not talking to people since my throat was hurting and ever since then; the phone just annoys me more than usual. I like coming home and winding down with some DVR shows or just working out and sometimes I don't really feel like chatting on the phone. It's hard to explain to this people without offending them. I honestly prefer text messaging over chatting sometimes unless it is about something important. But if you are calling me to talk about "nothingness" than I rather do it via TM so I can go about my business...

Do you think TM/IM are killing human interaction or is it making it easier to "chat"? Would you rather Talk on the phone or TM?


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