Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oikos How I Love Thee

Good Morning! it is another glorious day in the NYC =) It is warmer today though but not hot. I need to find a State in the US that is like this all year round...anyone know of any?

Eats and Workouts:
Ayer for Lunch I wanted to try something different; it was a Penne a la Vodka Pizza slice

This was "interesting" wasn't bad but it tasted too dry (not try ha) ; I sort of wish I had requested extra vodka sauce on the side to dunk it in. I ended up scraping off the top and eating it separately from the slice lol that actually made it taste better (as two separate entities lol). I paired it with Garlic Knots

(only ate 3)

It was so nice ayer that my sis and I went for a nice loooooooooooong walk in the afternoon while my niece rode her bike. I ended up burning 339 Calories without even trying except for when I was jogging along while my niece kept speeding up lol. It was such a perfect day =)

I decided to keep din din light since I had a carb overload during lunch. I had Spinach seasoned with Lemon Juice and a little bit of Salt and then topped it with left over Tuna mixed with Mustard, Mayo, Onion, and Lemon juice.

Next time I make this, I will add some sort of was missing the "crunch" factor. For Dessert I had 1/2 a cup of Rainbow Cookie Sorbet

And later in the evening I had 1 tbsp of PB with 1 tbsp of Toll House Milk Chocolate Chips (no picture).

This morning I woke up around 6:15 and had a 1/2 a Banana before my workout. I then did 40 minutes of EA Active, 15 minutes of Jillian's Kickboxing, and 5 Minutes of Stretching which focused on my Glutes (they are extra sore today) and burned 411 Calories.

Oh I am so happy! They finally stocked up on Oikos (I had to ask them to order it)...for Breakfast I had Honey Oikos with PB and my usual coffee on the side (iced again lol)

I seriously love this combo

I am an equal opportunist yogurt lover so you will see both Chobani and Oikos on my page lol

Grrrr I have my contacts on today and they are already hurting a little bit...

I guess I should do some work since they are paying me lol...have a great day!!!


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  1. That is an interesting piece of pizza, I don't know that I've ever seen pasta on one before!

    Have a great day :)

  2. Omg that pizza looks awesome--I'd definitely want more sauce too!

  3. That's a FASCINATING pizza! Pasta on pizza. Haha, love the double-carb!

    Oh, and do you mean "dry"?! Tee hee hee! ;-p

  4. I used to get penne a la vodka pizza all the time when I lived in Queens. I think I just loved the carb overload! And yes the weather has been a lot nicer. I hear it's like this in San Francisco all the time. Makes me think I need to relocate eventually.

    Dude. Where did you get that rainbow cookie sorbet?!?!? I need some imminently. What brand is it?