Friday, September 4, 2009

Pita Pan Does it Again!

Pita Pan is quickly becoming my new favorite toy on Christmas Morning lol..

My sister informed me ayer in the afternoon that she was planning to meet me at work so we can all go to Pita Pan for "Linner" and immediately I ran to the menu to see what I was going to get...the only bad thing was that I had to wait till 4pm to EAT! I ended up snacking on PB during the day, to hold me over

This is the first time I actually ate here and I loved the restaurant. The colors were so vibrant; it felt like I was eating at a resort. Pita Pan is geared for the younger crowd...the music sounded like things that were coming out of my Itouch lol. I like that even though it looks like a fast food restaurant with the big Menu's etc, it is still family owned. The young boy taking our order looked like he was around 14 years old and it made us giggle when he called his dad over when he was ringing my sister up with her Credit Card. We assumed he needed help but instead he called his dad over to train HIM "Dad you put the credit card in and then you..."

Father and Son working the counter (oops he caught me taking pics)

I love the open atmosphere

I already knew what I wanted to try...Small Cobb Salad; Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Avocado, Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, Bacon, Blue Cheese Over Fresh mixed Field Greens and Bleu Cheese Dressing on the side.

Sorry for all the pictures but it deserved every single "click". This salad was amazing! and once again I did not really need to use the dressing. All the flavors blended well and the WW Pita Bread was nice and toasty.

My niece wanted a "taco with the round meat" translation a Souvlaki Pita Sandwich with a side of onion rings.

Hailey's Review *she is here with me at work "Well it was good and it was tasty and I liked the steak with the bread on it. and I liked the onion rings and my mom's french fries were the best french fries ever"

My sister ended up ordering the "Pita Pan Gyro" but was disappointed. She did not read the fine print; the Pita Pan Gyro is Slow Roasted Rotisserie Pork and not the Slow Roasted Lamb that she likes (which they also have). She said it was good but not what she wanted.

The fries WERE good...very fresh and seasoned to perfection.

After we were done with "Linner" we walked over to Ralph's and got some I even HAVE to say what I got lol... let the picture speak for itself. I waited until I got home to fully enjoy my Ice since I was the designated driver lol

Before heading to bed I played with my Wii Fit and did Step, Boxing, and Yoga and burned 240 Calories in 40 minutes.

This morning I slept in until 6:40 and then had 1/2 a Banana before my workout. I did 35 minutes of Jillian's Boost Your Metabolism; I skipped the floor Circuit and the last Circuit and burned 381 Calories in total. After my workout I had 1 scoop of LMM.

For Breakfast I had Honey Chobani Yogurt and my usual Coffee (Iced)

Today is going to be a short day; thank you JESUS! And then I get to start my three day weekend (except for the Gym, manana in the AM)

Have a great day everyone!!!

Breathe deeply and no one can put you in a cage.- Daniel Odier


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