Friday, September 11, 2009

RIP Giovanna Porras....

We all know how what happened on this day 8 years ago...Please say a prayer for the family of Giovanna Porras who lost her on that horrific day. Giovonna was one of my sister's bestfriends from grade school all the way to highschool. She always had a smile that would light up a room...Rest in Peace

Sorry to start post on such a somber note but I had to acknowledge this day and her memory...As I type this, I am listening to them say the names at ground zero; 8 years and I have never missed her name and never plan to.

There is no easy way to segue so let's just do it =)...

Ayer, I decided to leave work a little early and go pick up my niece from school. Seeing how excited she gets to see me picking her up from school, definitely put me in better moods. We went back to my dad's house to spend some time with my little sisters and then we went back to my place to do homework. Not for nothing buy my niece is SO smart...and I am NOT just saying that because she is my niece lol. She had to read 3 books and she didn't even need my help...I am so proud of her =)

For Din Din I had Slime, oops I mean Green Monster which had Spinach, 1 Scoop of LMM, 1/2 frozen Banana, and 1 tbsp of PB

Last night I was planning to do some sort of intense workout (30 day Shred or Kickboxing), I even had my sneakers on but a little voice in my head said "You need some Yoga in your life". I took my sneakers off and got ready for some Zen. I did Inhale Yoga with Steve Ross for 45 minutes and felt amazing when it was over. I literally felt my body rising when I was doing Savasana in the end...I ended up burning 189 Calories.

This morning I did EA Active for 35 minutes and burned 303 Calories. Does anybody else have this? and if so, do you like it??? I have come to really like this "game" (with my own resistance bands). I like having a different workout waiting for me even IF I had to do sooooo many squats and lunges today "Ouch".

After my workout, I had 1 scoop of LMM

For Breakfast I had Kashi Oatmeal with 1/2 a Banana, and PB with my usual Coffee.

Sorry for the crappy pic... I started eating it and realized I never snapped a pic lol

Hey what happened to September? It's like we skipped it completely and went right to is Rainy and in the 50's-60's over here...brrrrrrrr. Well at least I got to wear a cute sweater lol

Thanks again for all your support these last two day...


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  1. Thoughts & prayers to the friends & family of Giovanna today...and to all those who lost someone that day.

    It's still summer out here in WI. 81* and perfect sunshine. We started summer really late and it was 55* in June!


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