Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tis the Season...

No not that one hehe...Fall is here!!!!!!!!!! This has to be my favorite time of year...the air is crisp and the sun is shining. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing color.

Thank you for all the kind words ayer...you girls are all truly amazing. 

Eats and Workouts

I gave the Brussel Sprouts another try but this time I roasted them with Onions and Mushrooms in EVOO, Salt, and Minced Garlic. I paired it with Kraft Organic White Cheddar Mac and Cheese and Jenny O Turkey Burgers. Everything tasted very yummy and I think I will be having it again today for Lunch. For Dinner I was going to make a Jenny O Turkey Burger with Chopped Onions in BBQ Sauce in a WW Wrap but when it was cooking, it smelled gross so I ended up tossing it out...along with the other 4 Patties in the Freezer. Instead I made a Panini with a slice of American Cheese and Marinara Sauce in a WW Wrap. And for Dessert I had Jello Pudding Snack.

This morning I slept in until 8ish (I love days off) and had 1/2 a Banana before my workout. I then did Tae Bo Energy and EA Active and burned 539 Calories in 1 hr and 25 minutes. My arms are killing me, well mostly my shoulders. Today the workout mostly focused on various Shoulder Raises and Lunges. After my workout, I was STARVING so I made a very yummy bowl of Oats. In the mix I had Kashi Oatmeal, 1/2 a Banana, PB, and Chocolate LMM. 

I mentioned ayer that I was going to do some research and review all of my old Food & Workout Journals to see what my routine was when I was at my lowest weight. I learned that for a short period I was working out really hard; about 3 hours a day but that was not the norm.  My workouts varied from 30 minutes to an hour or two and the intensity was not always hard. I discovered that I have turned my back on Yoga and Pilates and need to incorporate them into my weekly workouts. I used to do them at least 4 times a week and now I barely do it once a week. I also noticed that my dinners usually consisted of a Sandwich or a Lean Cuisine Meal or a Morningstar Product and Salad, Beans, or Sweet Potato Fries. Dinner always seemed to be very light and I think I will try to do that again. This worked in the past so why not give it another try. However I don't think I will go back to LC meals (maybe once and a while) but I will try to have a light din din.

So here are two more Goals

1) I will do Yoga or Pilates 3 times a week
2) Dinner will not be more than 400 Calories.

Before I go I want to give a very special thank you to Sarah from

For allowing me to pick her brain last night..thank you chickie!!!!!


-- Namaste
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  1. Thanks for the shoutout girlie! Light dinners sound like a good idea...definitely no LC meals though, haha. Have a great day!

  2. Mari, just found your blog through "Two Boos ..", we were talking about the same Chipotle across from Ikea. Where are you from on LI? I am out east.

  3. Hi Dawn! Ha what a small world =)...I don't live in LI; I am a Queens girl (by JFK)...

    Ever since her post, I have been craving Chipotle lol

    Thanks for coming by my blog! I love meeting fellow East Coast Bloggies =)