Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have been so worn out for the past 2 days...it started ayer when I got home from work and I thought I would be better today but I am just as tired. I feel like someone sprinkled sleep dust of me lol.

Eats and Workouts

Ayer for lunch I had Shrimp Parmigiana Hero but with some tweaks; I told them to use only a little bit of Mozzarella and to use a WW Wrap instead of Italian Bread

It tasted amazing!

When I got home, I forced myself to workout. I did 30 minutes of EA Active and burned 202 Calories. For Din Din I Sauteed (with water not oil) Mushrooms and Spinach and then tossed it into a WW Wrap and added some Vodka Sauce and made it into a Panini. Next time I will saute it in EVOO because the Spinach definitely needed it.

For Dessert I had a Lil Drum Cone (JUST ONE ha)

This morning I dragged myself out of bed and a had a few bites of a Banana (going bad) and then started to workout. I felt like a car running on empty; I hate when I am working out and all I could do is yawn lol. I started off doing Boost Your Metabolism but I had to stop after 20 minutes; I had no energy at all and my body felt weak. I ended up doing 20 minutes of Namaste Yoga and burned 228 Calories in 40 minutes. I hope my body feels better this afternoon so I can do another workout but if I am still feeling like this, I will just rest and listen to my body.

Breakfast was Delish! 2 days in a row of Oats in the Jar woohoo....no I did not finish one Jar of Peanut Butter in a day lol (I bet I could though)... I have a home and office jar =). I tossed in the rest of the Banana (about 1/3) and had my usual Coffee.

Do you guys have any tips for when you are feeling worn out. Do you rest or do you push through it and workout?

Rest In Peace Patrick Swayze "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"



  1. I just found your blog via Elise! I need to try oats in a jar...

    I never really know when to 'force' exercise. Sometimes your body just says "NO" and I think it's important to respect that. If you try and perservere and it's NOT happening, then I take that as a sign that a rest day is needed.

  2. I agree, oats in a jar sound so good. I need to try when my pb jar gets closer to empty.

    I don't exercise as much as I should, but I think it's important to trust your body and know when it's a mental block, and you need to push, or when it's legitimate physical fatigue, and you have to respect that and rest.

  3. When you're worn out...just try to get a 10 min nap! I assure you, it works wonders!

  4. If I just don't feel like working out, I will make myself go and push. But if I'm genuinely exhausted, I will rest because any workout I do when I'm that tired won't be that great or fun anyway. Hope you feel better!


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