Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Was Bit!

Hey Everyone!!! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post! I am happy that you enjoyed the tour of my apartment lol. I actually made another video ayer and this is a Tutorial on how to make a Green Monster! Hey if a girl can make a video on youtube on how to tie a scarf than I can make one on how to make a Green Monster lol (just in time for Halloween ha, get it?). I think I was bit by the video blogging bug lol.

First let's look at my Eats and Workouts.

Ayer for Lunch I ordered Grilled Eggplant with 4 Fried Shrimp and Marinara Sauce on the side. I love that they didn't cook the Eggplant in the Marinara sauce like they usually do because I was able to see that it had little or no Oil; it tasted so fresh and healthy!

When I got home I made a Green Monster for din din (you will see how in the video below)

And for Dessert I had 2 tbsps of PB with 1 scoop of LMM, splash of FF Milk and Splenda

This morning I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party and burned 382 Calories in 45 minutes. I wanted to do something else but my Super was coming to my apartment at 7:30 to check my fridge

For Breakfast I had Honey Oikos mixed with a Banana and PB with my usual coffee on the side

And here is my Green Monster Video! How I managed to do all this with one hand, baffles me. Ignore the envelope in the hallway; my Super was dropping off Rent Invoices and he slides them under the doors.

Have a Great Day!!!!

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  1. Is this blog on fire, because you're video blogs are hot! You do a great job of explaining and making us feel welcome. :) I caught myself w/ my mouth hung open once, I think it was during the big scoop of pb hovering in front of my eyes. lol!! Thanks for showing how to make the famous Green Monster. :)

  2. Estoy en Fuego!!!! thanks honey =)

  3. Impressive! Darn, you were eating healthy!

  4. That grilled eggplant looks delicious!
    I'll have to check out the video when I get home!

  5. I've also been bitten by that bug!

  6. that is so cool, love your video, you should do it more often! =)

    although I am not sure how I feel about spinach, banana and peanut butter mixed....hmmm

  7. Here I am!!! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I've missed so much going on with you ;-) I love, love, love the video blog. It makes me want to do one, lol. I'm kind of annoyed by my own voice so I think that's why I haven't done it yet, lol. Great job!

  8. Ha thanks Jen! I am thinking what the next one will be lol

    Sarah, FINALLY! I was having Sarah Withdrawals lol

  9. hehe! Lovee the vid!

  10. LOL to PM's comment. I love it, love it, love it! Your GM looks fabulous!

  11. I love the video blogs! I wish I could do more, it just takes so long to upload them onto my blog. I have only made one Green Monster, and it was no good. thanks for the tutorial :)

  12. great tutorial, mari!! LOVE green monstersss :)

    I love grilled eggplant! your lunch looks fabulous!

    still having mucho issues with my reader, so keep comin' by :)


  13. Yay it is 10:00 at night and I can finally see your video!!! So sad!

    First off I want your lunch! All those grilled veggies yum!

    Love the video! My boyfriend just made fun of me because I use our stove as a counter top too!! I actually have a little counter space but still feel the need to cut veggies over the stove lol!

  14. Loving the Video Blogs. I had an opportunity to go to a blogger conference on video blogging in NYC but had to work. I am fascinated by the whole process. Great job :)

  15. Missy, all the cool kids use Stoves as counters lol

    Sarah, I need to go a conf like that so I can figure out how to record myself cooking with one hand lol Oh and make it look GOOD =)

  16. i am loving all your eats :)

    great GM video :) xo

  17. I love Grilled Vegetables!! I've been doing zucchini alot. I also like to just saute them in the frying pan with a touch of canola good :) I've heard Eggplant can be oily...but is that just because it's typically cooked in alot of oil and it just 'asbsorbs' it more? Have a great day!

  18. maybe a workout, or something like that :)