Friday, October 23, 2009

Poo Poo Pen

Evening everyone! I hope ya'll are having a great Friday =)


Today I ordered from Ginza for lunch and once again they did not disappoint. I can never make up my mind so I just order a variety of things. Today I got 1/2 of the Godzilla Roll and the Liki 4 but I also wanted Shumai so I got some of that too =). They also sent an extra mini roll...don't worry, I didn't eat alllll of this lol. 

After work I did some grocery shopping and I was so upset when my new Campbell's pen was not working! What's up with that? lol

After grocery shopping, I came home and made a quick din din. I had a Whole Wheat Wrap with leftover Egg Salad and Spinach and for desset I had a Lil Drum ice cream cone. 

I have a slight headache but hope it goes "bye bye" so I can do a mini workout.

Have a fabulous night!


-- Namaste
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