Saturday, October 24, 2009

Science Saturday

Hey everyone!!!!!!! I hope you are all having a great Saturday =). Mine has been jam packed. This morning I worked at the gym and had to train 2 new members who were both very nice but one actually made me cry. When I was training her, she told me that it was hard for her to do certain exercises on her left side because of surgey and then she explained that she had Breast Cancer and her left breast was removed and then lowered her shirt to show sad.  I tried to hold my tears back but I couldn't We NEED to find a cure for this!!!!!!!!!

While I was there I had a Green Monster made with Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, 1/2 a packet of Kashi Oatmeal, PB, and 1 scoop of LMM. I worked out on the Circuit for 30 minutes and Streched for 10 more and burned 369. And when I trained the 2 new ladies, I burned 453 more calories in 90 minutes. When I got home, I had Amy's Veggie Pot Pie for lunch This was pretty good and I loved that the tofu tasted like chicken and that it was loaded with fresh tasting veggies. 

It is a rainy gloomy day over here in NYC but I didn't want to stay home so I called my sister and we made plans to take my niece to the Hall Of Science! I love love love this place because you get to have fun while you learn.

When we first got there we watched a demonstration on how Science effects Sports...I volunteered and swung a baseball bat but could not stop laughing lol oops. My niece also assisted by letting the presenter hit her with a mallet lol.  We then walked around the Exploration Discovery Lab and played with all the different things, including a HUGE Ant Farm, Bubbles, a mini Tornado, and of course the Hall of Mirrors; where I got to see what I would like if I were a GIANT or a "oompa loompa" lol. They also had this mirror  that made it look like you were flying...we looked like such idiots haha.  My favorite thing was this wall that would capture your shadow with this flash after you pressed against it... Of course I had to do a Yoga pose and did Tree. Oh and we also went on a spaceship ride! ( I sound like a kid lol) Good times =)

After the Hall of Science, we went to Mcdonald's for dinner. I got a Happy Meal which came with a Cheeseburger and small Fries but what I really wanted was a Big Mac so I asked to get a side of the Special Sauce for my Cheeseburger. My sister also got me two Apple Pies (saving one for tomorrow). I know most blogger frown upon fast food but I'm not one of don't have to agree with me =)

This was a perfect day...I hope that yours was just as good!


-- Namaste
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