Friday, October 30, 2009

S*x In My Mouth

Whenever I am eating and I say "this is soooo good" my coworkers asks "is it s*x in your mouth?" (I guess he never got the sexual harassment memo lol) and I always say "No". Today was different! My Coworker and Jefe decided to go to Jackson Hole Restaurant and if you are from NY I am sure you have heard of this place. They are known for their 7 oz Burger and my god are they good. When they said they were going there, I immediately went on their website to study the entire Menu. I knew I wanted some sort of burger because I am craving red meat (again, thanks Mother Nature). I called in for reinforcements and had my friend Mansana from look too and she picked the Sante Fe Burger which is a 7 oz. burger topped with Guacamole, Onion ( I asked for fried), and Cheddar Cheese.

Look at this baby!

This was by far the best freaking burger that has EVER touched my lips! The meat was so juicy and crumbled in my mouth and the Guacamole was ridiculously fresh! I tried my best to finish this but with 3 bites left, we had to part ways. Thank you Sante Fe Burger for taking me to Nirvana, as I sit here rubbing my belly like Buddah...for this I am thankful lol
Before I go, I want to share some pictures of Hailey's Halloween Costumes through the years...Enjoy



2007 she went to Disney World with my sister She was tinkerbell I need those pictures grrrr


Can you tell she is shy??? (NOT). Dancing on stage at a neighborhood Halloween festival...

2009 (this is from today, they had to make a silly hat and wear it to school)

Stay tuned for this years costume!

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