Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Terror Tuesday

I have not seen Paranormal Activity yet and I am already having sleepless nights. Ever since I found out that I won, I keep thinking about the movie over and over again to the point that I am staying up. This morning I could not get up until 8am because I was up for half the night. Imagine how I am going to be after I finally see it tonight. But I must admit...I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT! I am hoping to leave early from work so I can sneak in a mini workout before we head into the city.

Eats and Workouts

Ayer for Lunch I had leftover Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes and a Lil Drum Ice Cream Cone

For Din Din I made WW Pasta mixed with Peanut Butter, Sesame Teriyaki Sauce, Red Pepper Flakes, Mushrooms, Onions, and Asparagus

Later in the evening I did 25 minutes of Pilates.

I wasn't planning to eat anything else for the evening but I was craving something sweet and mixed together 1/2 a scoop of Chocolate LMM and 1 tbsp of PB while I watched Gossip Girl.

Since I woke up at 8am; I did not do a morning workout =(
For Breakfast I just had Kashi Oatmeal, 1 Banana, and PB with my usual coffee

I am counting down until 2:30....Have a great day!!!!!


  1. Have a great time!! If you're having trouble sleeping now, I can't even imagine what tonight will be like. lol I do hope you have a good time tonight though, I know how much you're looking forward to it! Zzzzz...

  2. have fun with the movie!
    i'm such a wimp when it comes to movies. can't do anything scary.

  3. OMG that movie SCARES me!
    Have a great time!!! :)

  4. I recently saw "The Grudge" for the first time, surely this new movie can't be worse than that. lol. Nice looking food, you certainly like your peanut butter. :)

  5. Luigi, I think it is going to be worse than the Grudge...I am soooooo scared ha. I might ask my sister to sleep over.

    And yup I love my PB lol

  6. Have a great time at the movie! Can't wait to hear about it! Your whole wheat pasta looks delicious!

  7. I suggest you have her sleep over, it is scary!! I am still hearing things. And Angel was scared too!

    hey did you see this?

  8. You're so cute and excited like a kid! I hope it lives up to all your scary dreams!

  9. I hear that movie is supposed to be REALLLY freaky!! I love scary movies, so it's something I'm interested in for sure.

    Regarding my post, you MUST try spaghetti squash soon! It's awesome.

  10. your last few blogs (uno, movie, something else i can't remember...) was hilarious!! love u and miss u and sad i didn't get to c u last time i was in ny.. enjoy the movie!!

  11. have a fabulous time! oh man i dont think I could handle that I am very weak when it comes to scary movies!! but tis' the season for scary movies!!

    your eats look fab! I really like the kashi oatmeal!! :)


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