Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are...

I wanted to take a day off from regular blogging and wanted to share some pictures of the Field Trip to Forest Park that I went on today. You may be wondering why I posted a picture of a STOP sign well that's because I volunteered to Stop traffic to let the little ones cross the street and had to hold this the entire time.

We were in the park for almost 3 hours and walked for about two of them (I decided to wear HR monitor and burned 551 Calories). We planted Tullip Bulbs and learned about various trees and the Park's history. I had no idea that the architect of Forest Park was the same architect for Niagra Falls.

I love that I live so close to this park but unfortunately I take advantage of it...I discovered new trails today and can't wait to go for more walks in there. 

I will post eats etc tomorrow... Including tonight's din din with Missy from Missy Maintains!!!!!! I can't wait =)

-- Namaste
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  1. That looks like such a fun time! Good job, Stop lady!

  2. What a fun day! Smart idea to wear the heart rate monitor. I'm always curious as to how many calories I burn doing interesting activities like that.

  3. What an awesome field trip! I love the pics, that little niece of yours is adorable ;-)

    Thanks for the blog award...unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm having trouble coming up with the 10 things!

  4. she looks just like your sis :)I miss school trips, can I on one with you guys??!!

    girl, you better get your butt to the park! :)



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