Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Brain...

Hey everyone!!!!! I hope you guys had a great weekend, mine has been great.

Ayer I worked in the morning and then met up with Jen ( ) in the afternoon for "Linner". The plan was to eat at Karavas which is a Greek Restaurant in the Village but the minute we sat down, I lost my appetite. The place smelled so bad; like a humid basement so I pretended I had a phone call to go see a movie and we left. I was craving Chinese food all day and asked Jen if she was okay with that and once she said yes, I knew where to take her. My dad is a HUGE fan of Suzie's on Bleeker Street ( and frequents it perhaps a little too much but once you eat there, you know why it's a popular place. The restaurant is small and humble with great service and the food is AMAZING! Jen and I decided to split two main courses; Hunan Shrimp and Scallops and The General Tso's Chicken. Both dishes were superb. The chicken was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. The Seafood and veggies were so fresh. Everything was great.
I also loved the presentation..they carved birds out of Carrots.

After dinner we got our Fortune Cookies and mine said "No Trees Touch the Sky" any thoughts on what this may mean?????

We decided to walk around the Village after din din and boy did we walk! I think we walked around for over 3 hours. We went to Washington Square Park and took some's nice to hangout with someone who likes to do the same things as you. I love walking around aimlessly in the City and she does too. And thank god that we did because we bumped into someone that made our hearts skip a beat and turn into giddy school girls.

While we were walking we came across this store and the girl who worked there was taking a nap at the counter. I pointed to her and said "Wow I wish I had her job". At that moment some guy was walking by and I guess he heard me because he stopped too to look at her. We all started laughing together and talking about the Art work on the wall and the whole time I could not stop staring at him and thinking to myself "where do I know him from" and boom it hit me and I yelled..."OH MY GOD! YOU'RE FROM THE BREAKFAST CLUB" IT WAS ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude if you are a child from the 80's you KNOW who he is! He is so freaking hot! I think I used the word "dreamy" to describe at some point in the evening. He was such a nice and cool guy. I wish I had a pic but I don't think we has in the mood to take one lol...

After that we didn't know what could top our evening but continued to walk around anyway lol.  I want to get a new tat so I shopped around for prices. After walking for so much we wanted to sit down and have coffee but I refused to go to Starbucks. We both wanted to find a nice Cafe and after a long search, we did! We came across the cutest place called Cafe Angelique When I think of a Cafe, I think of delectable pastries and delicious coffee and this place had both. Jen and I split a Tiramisu and both got Mochaccinos. My fave part of the cafe was the decor...sort of a vintage and antique atmosphere. That Tiramisu was heaven in my mouth =)

This was a perfect NY night...

(I will post eats and workouts mañana)


-- Namaste
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  1. Dude- you met 80's film royalty! How fun! I was trying to figure out if those were birds carved out and they were- so cool!

    Sounds like a really nice evening out and I'm glad you had a great time!

  2. I would say the fortune means that no matter how hard you try to reach your "limit" or to be "the best", you'll never get there, nothing is good enough, so live with what you have and keep making new goals :)

    I can't believe you saw Anthony Michael Hall!! You think he's hot?!?! PErhaps he has changed over the years....

  3. AHHH!!! Can I live in NYC please?!! What a great weekend! That cappuchino(? - haha sorry not really coffee literate - despite having worked as a former barista ;) ) looks amazing!

  4. Gina, trust me he is HOT now. He looked so yummy in his Jeans, leather Jacket, and Yankee baseball cap! Grrrr

  5. When I lived in NYC I loved Suzies! So fun, I'm jealous!

  6. The dessert looks delicious! And I'm always impressed when restaurants offer brown rice.

  7. I had sooooo much fun!! thanks for everything, what an experience we had meeting Anthony Michael Hall!!
    The Video is funny too, hahaha!

  8. oh my gosh I just love ordering shrimp dishes when I eat out. So delicious : ) cute spot to eat too!

  9. oh my gosh I just love ordering shrimp dishes when I eat out. So delicious : ) cute spot to eat too!

  10. oh my gosh I just love ordering shrimp dishes when I eat out. So delicious : ) cute spot to eat too!

  11. I hate when it smells in a restaurant. Chinese is just as yummy.

  12. ahhh that's so awesome that you found someone famous! fun!

  13. That coffee looks insane ! Yummy!

    What an interesting quote in your fortune cookie.. Hmm. I agree with Gina.. No one is perfect..? You can always try your best, but just because you cant get 100% all the time, does not make you a failure.

  14. the food looks delicious! and WOW 3 go girl! thats so cool you ran into anthony hall!

    I love fortune cookies thye are always so random haha


  15. I love that you found a german proverb in a fortune cookie. about globalization ;)

    It sounds like you guys had fun...wish I could have been there. I'm gonna email you my phone number. This is ridiculous, otherwise! A celeb siting AND those fabulous desserts all in one talk about excellent.

  16. Joanne we thought about calling you and then DUH, we don't have your number :( next time! :)

  17. I am so jealous of your awesome NY night! I have to go to Suzie's next time I am there because that is my doggie's name (spelled the same and everything, ha ha). I also had Cafe Angelique on my list of places to go last time we were there but didn't make it, lol.

  18. Oh my boss is out too....AMAZING


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