Friday, November 20, 2009

Dora Meets Jillian

Today I was talking to my friend Mansana and I was telling her that I am shocked that people actually read my blog because I don’t think it is that exciting and She said “yeah it is. your personality shines through. Dora the Explorer Meets Jillian”

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That made me giggle and got me thinking about who people compare me to. The other day I was working in the gym and one of the members walked in and said “OMG I have been dying to see you! I have been watching Dancing with the Stars and there is this girl on it who is a singer/songwriter…do you know who she is??? Her name is Mya. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HER!" This is not the first time I have heard comparison. Actually I have heard that I look like Mya, Sade, and Aaliyah




Do you know what these three women all have in common…they all have big foreheads like me!

Look at mine lol


should I be offended??? lol


Who do people say you look like????

Before I go let me share my lunch with you. I ordered from Press 195 and got the lunch special “Soup and 1/2 a Sandwich. I chose the Veggie Chili…this was so hearty



And #31 Sandwich which is Turkey (I asked for grilled Chicken instead) Bacon,Monterey Jack, Tomato,Chipotle Mayo, and Guacamole. This was delish!

DSCN3336 DSCN3337 DSCN3338

Disclaimer: I had a bag of potato chips too! Have a great Friday!!!



  1. Love it! I think you do look like those ladies...and your niece too! Or maybe she looks like you??

    I get mostly people with dark hair- I think you said I looked like Hillary someone...and I've gotten Rose McGowan in the past. I think I look like me!

  2. You personality definitely shines through girl! Love today's pics.

  3. I don't think I look like anyone...I did have one guy in high school tell me I looked like Michelle Williams (from Dawsons Creek) but I never understood why.

    I love your blog, lol! I feel the same way about mine, I can't believe anyone reads it :)

  4. You look like those ladies but big foreheads and all they are still gorgie!
    and that cracked me up! lol

    I've been pegged for Ricki Lake or Mayin Balik (blossom) But I like to think I look like me

  5. Haha I love it! Your personality definitely shines through, and you have a beautiful forehead!! Maybe I'm just biased because I have a big forehead too. I call it a "five-head."

    Hope your shift at the gym tomorrow goes quick so you can start your real weekend :-D

  6. Hi. I discovered your blog and may add you to my blogroll :) Veggie chilli and guacomole is yummy :)

  7. That is great!! I love 'em both, no wonder why I love reading your blog!!

  8. hahahaha, LOVE IT!

    Good one Manzana!! :)

    well no one reads mine so its ok, lol

    I like your new look to girlie!

    have a great weekend, miss ya

  9. You did the typical thing and pointed out the worst part about them (even though a big forehead isn't a big deal, at all!). You forgot to mention something else they have in common....they are all GORGEOUS, LIKE YOU!
    People used to tell me I looked like Sarah Jessica Parker and I always thought, "it's because we both have long horse faces", but now I think of the positive aspect of it, she's so pretty and I should be flattered!

  10. Wow - I totally thought before this that you reminded me of Mya too!! Have you seen her on Dancing with the Stars?...I wish I looked like a celebrity haha!! People used to say I looked like Julia Roberts in the past ...but because of my smile - I guess I have a 'big' mouth :)

  11. acutally I havent been told I look like anyone famous but all the time I get :you look like someone I know!!" hmm famiilar face I would say??

    and you do look like all three of those women, but WAY prettier :)

    have a great weekend, Mari!

  12. I really don't look like anyone. But you do look like those great looking people.

    I LOVE your new layout.

    I thought of you when I went to Zumba today. I LOVED it!

  13. Not sure which one you look like, but you are beautiful :)

    The veggie chili looks yummy!

  14. there was a point in my life where i was blond, a size 2, and a fan of short skirts. i was told i looked like barbie a lot then.
    weird how i don't hear that these days :-)

  15. Mari, thanks for the info on northshore. We are headed out there this morning. Seriously we are there like every other weekend. But I just got wind that we can add our name to a list to request a specific puppy type! I'll keep you posted!!!!

  16. Thanks for the compliments!!!

    Gina, I think SJP is beautiful and so are you =)

    Mo, now that you mention...I do see the resemblance to Ricki Lake. =)

    EML, I don't watch dancing with the stars but I know of Mya because I actually liked her music when I was growing up =)

    Thanks again and you are ALL beautiful!!!!!

  17. You really do look like them! They are all hot so it is def. a compliment!! I always get Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker. I like the Jennifer one way more!

  18. haha! I love the comparison (and that sammich). People say I favor Nia Long. But she really favors me, because I'm the older one. I was here first!!!


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