Friday, November 20, 2009

Dora Meets Jillian

Today I was talking to my friend Mansana and I was telling her that I am shocked that people actually read my blog because I don’t think it is that exciting and She said “yeah it is. your personality shines through. Dora the Explorer Meets Jillian”

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That made me giggle and got me thinking about who people compare me to. The other day I was working in the gym and one of the members walked in and said “OMG I have been dying to see you! I have been watching Dancing with the Stars and there is this girl on it who is a singer/songwriter…do you know who she is??? Her name is Mya. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HER!" This is not the first time I have heard comparison. Actually I have heard that I look like Mya, Sade, and Aaliyah




Do you know what these three women all have in common…they all have big foreheads like me!

Look at mine lol


should I be offended??? lol


Who do people say you look like????

Before I go let me share my lunch with you. I ordered from Press 195 and got the lunch special “Soup and 1/2 a Sandwich. I chose the Veggie Chili…this was so hearty



And #31 Sandwich which is Turkey (I asked for grilled Chicken instead) Bacon,Monterey Jack, Tomato,Chipotle Mayo, and Guacamole. This was delish!

DSCN3336 DSCN3337 DSCN3338

Disclaimer: I had a bag of potato chips too! Have a great Friday!!!


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