Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happiness Bottle

Ayer my coworker and I were laughing and talking and I told him too bad we can’t capture this feeling so mañana when the jefe is back and we are both in a mood, we can just take a sip of the happy bottle. I was bored inspired and decided to make a symbolic “Happiness Bottle” and just looking at it would make us laugh =)

Do you notice how tipsy happy he looks?


For Lunch I had every intention of just having a Green Monster but then Tiago said he was going to Pita Pan so I got a Zucchini Fritter WW Pita Sandwich to eat with my GM


I love this sandwich.


I wanted to keep din din light and just had a cup of Campbell’s Butternut Squash soup with Whole Grain Melba Toast


I wanted to stop here but the “cookie dough” Gods were calling out to me….


Before bed I did 30 minutes with my Wii Step while holding 3 lb weights and burned 243 Calories

This morning I did 35 minutes of No More Trouble Zone and burned 312 Calories.

For breakfast I had Chobani Honey Yogurt with 1/2 a Banana, and PB with my usual coffee


EWWWW my boss came back sick and he is hacking away in his office! I hate bodily noises!!!!! I need a shot from the HAPPINESS BOTTLE



  1. What's ironic is that a resident came into our office this morning, (annoyed us), and then walked out. BUT, before she left she grabbed a Kleenex from the table. Now you'd think a normal person w/ manners would wait to blow until they're alone or away from others, but not elderly. This woman blew her snotty nose - I was ready to gag. UGGH. On that note, your zucchini thingy looks good as usual. BAHAHA!! Have a good day!

  2. I love the happiness bottle-that's so funny! The pita looks so good!

  3. Pita Pan, I love that name. :D
    Mari, what exactly is inside that happiness bottle, (besides fresh happiness of course) Not pure vodka is it? lol.

    Anyway have a fun day at work!

  4. Love the happy bottle! You crack me up!

  5. Pamper, lol I hate any bodily sound! so gross

    Luigi, hahaha it's just water =) trust me though, I do wish it was vodka but since I drive home,I don't think that would be a great idea ha

  6. lol i LOVE THE happiness bottle! you are hilarious.

    ahh sorry your boss is sick! gross.

    and that pita pan thing looks SOOO GOOD..gah!

  7. haha, I love the idea of a happiness bottle- a great reminder to keep your head up even on the toughest of days!

  8. um that sandwich looks sooo good! You are making me hungry :-)

    Also, love the happiness bottle! I need one of those at my desk

  9. Love the bottle! So cute haha. Your wrap look so good. I am going to Pita Pan asap!

  10. I need a few sips from that bottle...

    i attempted my own green monster today and dint love it. I gotta tweak the recipe. or get a better blender.

  11. I hate those sounds too! There is a guy here at work that has been hacking for at least a month, ew.

    The happiness bottle is awesome :) Drink up!

  12. I love the happiness bottle! I feel like I've already had a shot of it today, actually, I'm feeling pretty great.

    The pita looks fantastic. You can enjoy the Green Monster another time. Sometimes you just gotta do what your body is craving!

  13. i want a 12 pack for x-mas please.

  14. Cute post. Girl, your workouts are amazing :)I don't do any of these LMM powders, but raw or cooked cookie-dough is always good.

  15. mmmmm love that hapiness in a bottle!!!

    zuchinni fritter pita?! sounds crazy good!!

    nice job on that workout my dear!

  16. i want a happiness bottle!

  17. I am going to need that happiness bottle tomorrow. I hate teaching the day before holidays. It is the worse!!!

    You just made my day with this post :)

  18. awww thank you Sarah! I am glad I made you smile =)

    I think I might start shipping out some of these Happiness Bottles lol...

  19. ooo, Pita Pan reminds me of Pita Pit. I love pita bread

  20. Can I get a glass of happy bottle stuff? :)

  21. That sandwich from Pita Pan looks delish! We have a Pita Pit here that's not too bad...hmm, must go there soon! I love the Happiness Bottle - so simple - but so great :) - I think I should do something like that. Something symbolic to make me smile everytime I see it.

  22. Haha, happiness bottle...can I have a sip? Though, I'm happy enough right now :-)

    I can see why you love that sandwich...it looks freaking GOOD!

  23. Haha! Such a cute bottle :D I need one of those. Or a pita...where is Pita Pan? I never saw it in NY but went to Pita Grill a few times.

  24. Ellie, Pita Pan is in Astoria and Bayside (both in Queens) but they will be opening a location in the city very soon =)

  25. hah! I love your bottle - so funny!


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