Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday!

It is happy because my boss is out for the whole week! Thank you Jesus! Usually when my boss says he is going away, life throws me a curve ball and he comes in but so far it is 9:30 and he is still not here YAY

We have a lot to catch up on so let's get to it.

Eats and Workouts


At the Gym I had a Green Monster which had Spinach, 1/2 packet of Kashi Oats, 1/2 a Banana, PB, 1 Scoop of LMM, and Splenda

I did the Circuit 3 times at the gym and burned 455 Calories.
I knew I was not going to have "linner" until 5ish so before I headed into the city, I had my "cookie" dough

When I was at Suzie's, I asked the lady "what does my dad usually get" and she said "Hunan Seafood" and I asked for the same and we paired it with General Tso's Chicken. She told me my dad also gets the Hot & Sour soup which I love too but it was too warm for it.

I also had a Mochaccino and split a Tiramisu with Jen at Cafe Angelique

(if you are interested in going to these places, go to my previous post..I have links to their websites)


I woke up bright and early because I had to go to Sprint later in the morning. Before Breakfast I did 3 mile Start Walking and burned 375 Calories in 45 minutes.

For breakfast I had Pumpkin Pancakes with a Banana, Lite Syrup, and PB.

I was feeeling bloated all day so I tried to keep Lunch light and had left over Plantain Casserole and "cookie dough" for dessert

For din din I made a veggie stir fry which consisted of Onions, Pepper, Mushrooms in Sesame Teriyaki, Chili Bean Sauce, and PB

Trying to eat light back fired on me because I had 2 bowls of Frosted Mini Wheats before pictures because I was charging my camera.

This morning I wanted to try a workout I saw in November's Shape Magazine

This was a pretty good workout and burned 235 Calories in 30 minutes...It really got me sweaty and the Bear crawl/ Crab walk was killer!
For Breakfast I had Kashi Oatmeal with 1/2 a Banana, PB and my usual Coffee

Do you use journals to keep you on track?? I started using them when I started this weight loss journey and I can't seem to stop and nor do I want to. I love when I start a new journal, it feels like a fresh start. Today is my chance at a fresh start...and hey; no trees touch the sky =)

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