Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day! Especially to you, Jorge =)

I hope everyone is having a great day...mine has been good thus far, I spent it with family which is always nice.

Eats and Workouts

Ayer for Lunch I ordered from Pita Pan but could not make up my mind lol. I ended up eating 2 Falafels, 1/2 a Cobb Salad, and a Zucchini Fritters Sandwich in a WW Pita.

After work I went to a Dog Specialty Store and got the Birthday Boy a Cookie with Frosting =)

Last night for din din I had 1 Cup of Campbell's V8 Butternut Squash Soup and 2 Alfajores. Muneeba, my cousin's gf got these for me off of the internet =). It is hard to find them in stores.

This morning for breakfast I had Oikos Honey Yogurt with 1/2 a Banana and PB, 1 Mini Frittata, and my usual coffee.

Before heading out, I did a quick workout which consisted of Jillian's Kickboxing DVD and 2 sets of the Factor 5 Workout and burned 356 Calories in 32 minutes.

We took advantage of the fact that we were all off today and did some shopping and grabbed lunch. We went to two of my favorite places, Ikea and Chipotle! Talk about tortute, Chipotle on Protein Day lol. I behaved though and got a yummy salad with Lettuce, Steak, Guacamole, Cheese, Beans, and Chipotle Honey Vinegrette. After Chipotle we went to Wal-Mart (my 1st time there) and picked up some things for Thanksgiving Dinner...I CAN'T WAIT!!

I just got home and am going to unwind and catch up on some blogs =). Have a great night!!!!


-- Namaste
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  1. I spy some great eats today. I love Chipotle so much. I took advantage of my day off too. I loved it but I keep thinking it's Friday!

  2. That cookie looks adorable! Hope it was as yummy as it looked!

  3. I was going to say that that cookie looked good....until I realized it was for a dog! haha

    Made it home safe, thanks! :-)

  4. Yeah for fun iced cookies! That one is super cute.

    I can't believe you had never been to Wal-Mart, who are you?! haha, jk. IT's actually not that great, I just go there for cheap food!

  5. oh it was a yummy cookie! I had to bite it to break it apart for was like a graham cracker with frosting

    Gina, we don't really have many walmarts out impression of it was that it looked like a low budget tar-jay ha. But dude the food is so cheap! My mommy got me some snacks =)

  6. Your falafel and Chipotle look yummy! You are lucky you had off! If I wasn't from Philly, I probably would have never been to a Walmart either!

  7. How's the Jillian Kickboxing DVD? That could be a fun indoor winter workout (not that its winter yet).

  8. it’s a great workout if you don’t go into it not thinking of it as a kickboxing DVD. It consists of Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, Punching, Kicks, etc so it’s more of cardio. It keeps your HR at around 80-90 percent, depending on how hard you go. The workout itself is pretty short (about 20 minutes) but it’s cheap on amazon =). I love to do it when I am short on time or combine it with a 30 day shred workout or another DVD =). So yea, I would totally recommend it ha

  9. that cookie is adorable!

  10. awe i love the icecream cone cookie :D so cute!
    all of your eats look awesome!

  11. HAppy veteran's day to you too Unfortunately, I did not get classes hoo...

    HAHAHAHA! Random cute cookie!

  12. I totally forgot that it was Veterans Day yesterday since we don't get off. Sigh. The beauty of medical school.

    Such good food! I love Chipotle. And Ikea is a dangerous dangerous place. Go you for behaving.

    I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Which reminds me, I need to start menu planning...

  13. milk chocolate is delicious! Actually all chocolate is delicious :-)

  14. Thanks for the love. I really appreciate it....


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