Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Am In Love!


Good morning!!!! I am in love! With what you ask???? LIVE WRITER! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE! Thank you Sarah and Ellie for introducing me to this. I guess one good thing that come out of me “joining” Word Press lol.


I was inspired by Sarah and decided to join in the Green Monster challenge. The whole point of the challenge is to have a  Green Monster for one meal for one week. This is exactly what I needed to get me back on track!

For Lunch I made a Green Monster with 1/2 a packet of Kashi, 1 Tbsp of PB, Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, 1 scoop of Chocolate LMM, and Splenda


I was hungry when I got home from work and had a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats with FF Milk. I know I was supposed to cut back on calories but trust me, I made it up with how many Calories I burned ayer.


I then did Walking Cardio Shape Up on Exercise TV and burned 324 Calories.  This workout is a mix of cardio and toning. Check it out if you are looking for a full body workout.


For Din Din I made WW Pasta with Red Pepper, Onion, and Mushrooms in Vodka Sauce


And of course I made “cookie dough”


Before bed I did 1 Hour of Step with my Wii Fit and 15 minutes of Yoga Stretching while I watched Biggest Loser and burned 586 Calories. Did anyone watch BL last night??? How do you feel about the ending? I am so proud of the person who went home (don’t want to say who in case you didn't see it)

I don’t feel so bad about eating a few extra calories ayer because I burned 910 in workouts!

This morning I did 35 minutes of Turbo Jam and Namaste Yoga and burned 413 Calories.

For Breakfast I had Oikos Honey Yogurt with 1/2 a Banana and PB with my usual coffee on the side.


They are filming a movie a couple of blocks from my job and I want to sneak over there and see if I spot any famous people lol.

Have a great day!!!



  1. hey, change my link on your blogroll :)

    I am waiting for live writer lesson...

    maybe friday, I am off to school for the next two days.

    btw, AMH was in the news for stalking his ex....darn, sort of breaks my good memories with him. then again, the news suks and they do know how to trash people!

    have a great day!

  2. Seriously impressed with all those workouts!

    Also, I stopped buying frosted mini wheats because I can eat a whole box in two problem ;-)

  3. Oh the domain name! Do you make those green monsters at work? Do you have a blender? Orrr maybe you made it at home and brought it in. I'm retarded haha.

  4. Jen, OH congrats on the move chickie! I am still up in the air about word press so instead I just got my own domain lol.

    ENR, lol thanks honey but I had to do it, I ate too much crap lol.

    Missy, Yup I make it at home and bring it into work =)

  5. 910 calories? Holy BURN, baby burn! Lol. That's awesome :D

    Live Writer is awesome!

  6. I love the new site! And I'm so glad you are enjoying Live Writer :)

    So are you self-hosting now? Who did you use? I want to do it soon.

  7. I want in on the Green Monster challenge! I'll start tomorrow ...


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