Monday, November 30, 2009

I Miss Ya'll

Hey everyone!!!!!!!! It feels like it has been forever since I posted lol....I miss you guys! Sorry for being MIA, I was not feeling that well over the weekend so I didn't really feel like blogging =/

Thank you so much for all the compliments on my previous post! I need to come here more often to boost up my self esteem haha are ALL amazing!

I was off today from work (and mañana) and started my day off with 1 hour of Wii Step and 15 minutes of abs and burned 516 Calories. I am trying to keep my workouts low impact until this headaches goes bye bye for good. I actually did the Wii Step last night for 2 hours and burned over 1000 Calories!

For Breakfast I had Oats in the Jar ((((((woohoooo))))))) and my usual coffee. This was such a great way to start the day =)

I called my mom later in the morning and asked her if she wanted to go shopping and that's like asking a dehydrated person if they want water haha.  We ended up going to toys r us, Old Navy, Modells, and Tar-Jay. I finished all my xmas shopping for my niece and got some things for mom and sis (not saying what just in case lol).

We then picked up my sis from work and my niece from school and went to have "linner" at Red Lobster and did more shopping at Tar-Jay. For Linner I started off with a Salad with French Dressing and a Biscuit. For the Main Course I tried the new Peach Borboun BBQ Bacon wrapped Scallops with French Fries, and of course my fave, Coconut Shrimp...and washed it all down with a virgin Piña Colada (((((yums)))). The Scallops were pretty tasty but I think the Bacon was too much, I ended up taking it off the Scallops.

Mañana I am going on another school trip with Hailey's class... I think we are going to a puppet show lol. I need to pack some Excedrin migraine because I have had a lingering headache for the past week. But besides the headache, I am sure we will have a blast =) 

Have a great night! 

-- Namaste
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