Monday, November 9, 2009

I Rather...

I rather be late to work than skip a morning workout lol. Last night I fell asleep pretty late which for me is around 10:30ish...I was up watching the Kardashian Wedding (don't judge) so this morning I was in no mood to wake up at 6:15. I hit snooze so many times that before I knew it, it was already 7:30. A normal person would just get ready and come to work but see I am not normal so instead I decided to workout and just be 30 minutes late for work lol.

Ayer was a great day so great that I did nothing but lay on my couch and catch up with my dvr. I love when my apt feels so cozy and the sun is coming in but not so much that is gives me a migraine.

"make it work"

Are you one of those people whom has a nagging voice if you don't workout? I am. I wanted to keep it easy since my body was sore from the Factor Five workout which by the way shocked me. I did this workout on Saturday morning and it only consisted of 3 moves...Bent-Over Row, Dumbbell Side Dips, and Dead Lift but it really made my obliques and the back of my thighs very sore...even today they still hurt (and I love it).

Anyways, ayer I kept it easy and worked out with my EA Active. I created two workouts, the first was just light cardio and the second one was upper body, I burned 235 calories in 45 minutes.

This is my EA Active Avatar...I always wear sunglasses outdoors so it only seemed right that she does too lol

Ayer for din-din I wanted to keep it light so I had Amy's Shepherds Pie. This is the first time I tried this product, actually this is the first time I ever had a Shepherds Pie and I liked it for the most part. Granted I had nothing to compare it too but I enjoyed it, my fave part was the Mashed Potatoes.

I wanted to have "cookie dough" for dessert but I finished my LMM (GASP)...I hope my new container makes it here before the end of the week ((((sad panda))))

Since I had no LMM, I decided to make another "soft serve" this time I used a Banana, PB, and Splenda...I mixed everything together and tossed it in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

I was still feeling snacky so I had an Alfajor while I watched the Kardashian Wedding (again, don't judge)

This morning I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party and burned 408 Calories in 45 minutes.

For Breakfast I had a Mini Frittata and a Gala Apple with PB and my usual coffee

BTW can I just say that I am loving this weather! It is November and I didn't have to wear a jacket today! wooohoooo

Have a great day!!!!



  1. What is this EA Active thing? I'm confused! Is it like Wii Fit?? It looks awesome!

    Oh, and the snooze button is my best friend, by far :)

    The Amy's pot pie looks fantastic. And yes, this weather is amazing!!

  2. Headaches are the worst! I get them a lot too :-(

    I've definitely chosen my workouts over work a few times too hehe

  3. I think it's hilarious that you would rather be late for work, but good for you!! I would use that as an excuse not to work out!

  4. Gina, EA active is similar to Wii has cardio and strength and I love that you can you build your own fluid workout or pick from the premade workouts.

    ENR, Workouts trump Work in my book ha

  5. You make me want these workout video games more and more each day! Oh I so wish I could be late for work and exercise instead. Too bad human resources sits right behind me!

  6. LOVE the photo of the light coming into your apartment...sorry about the migraine though :( How's your back injury?

    I LOOOOOVE Amy's meals :)

  7. Missy, I love adding these workouts to my keeps it are more than welcomed to come try it out =)

    Ellie, Oh I did not have a migraine lol... I was just saying that I hate it when it is too bright (because it leads to one) =). My back is still sore but not painful. I think it has something to do with my bed though because I feel it mostly when I an turning in bed. I should flip it over.

    What other Amy's Products have you tried??? I am looking for suggestions

  8. i'm jealous of your no jacket wearing-it's jacket on weather here!

  9. I wish i could have stayed at home with you too! I hate when I miss my wokrout due to oversleeping.

  10. I'm late to most things, but not because of workouts! I have pushed back chores though for a good workout.

    Love all the eats so far. Oh breakfast!

  11. Our weather has been awesome too! I would also be late for work for a workout, haha.

  12. The video game active thing looks interesting...tell me more?

    And Amy's shepard pie is not bad. I'm a big fan of shepard pie though...and apples and peanut butter (or pretty much anything with pb!)

  13. You freakin' crack me up! Late for work so you can workout ... that's dedication!!

  14. HAHA I would rather workout than go to work!

  15. It is beautiful weather!! I love love it!

    I have been racking my brain all day with papers!

    Can you please email me your frittata recipe!!??? =)

  16. I don't have a recipe...I found various ones on and just made my own's pretty easy... I cook the veggies in various spices and then mix them with a dozen egg whites, milk, cheese, (and cooked bacon if you want) Toss them in muffin pan and cook for about 30 minutes on 400.

  17. Yes, the weather is glorious today!

    Of course I hear a little nagging in my head if I don't workout. ;)

  18. Silly Question.. what is LLM??

    that EA active thing looks fun :D

    I cant hit snooze. If im not early for wherever I have to be, i go crazy.. Im an on-time-freak! haha

    though weekends, I can sleep all afternoon!

  19. Haha the workout thing is TOTALLY something I would do. Gotta get my exercise in above all else otherwise I am a misery to be around for the rest of the day.

    I love Amy's food. The shepherd's pie is great!


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