Friday, November 20, 2009

Miso Tired

My niece slept over ayer so that my sis could go see a Midnight showing of New Moon. You all know that I love spending time with Home fries but that child does not know how to share a bed! I think I slept for a total of one hour. Either her elbow was jabbing me, or butt was pushing me off or leg was kicking me. I have a full size bed, there was no need for this madness lol.

Eats and Workouts

Ayer I ordered a Cobb Salad from Pita Pan but it had way too much Bleu Cheese and I barely ate half. Next time I know to tell them to put it on the side so I can sprinkle it sparingly.


I also got a side order of Beef/ Lamb Gyro Meat


Together =)


When I got home I did the Factor Five Workout and burned 150 Calories in 20 minutes

For din din I had a Green Monster (I am loving this challenge). I kept everything the same but omitted the Oatmeal.


And for dessert…do I even have to say it lol


This morning I skipped my morning workout, c’mon did you expect me to do anything with one hour of sleep lol

For Breakfast I had OATS IN THE JAR!!!!! This makes everything better lol


I have sooooo much work to do today since I have been slacking (working on my blog ssshhhh)

Have a great day!


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  1. Yeah that is a lot of blue cheese but it does look good! Good job eating a green monster for dinner. I don't think I could do it without attacking something else later in the night!

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying the challenge! I want to keep it up too but I'm thinking of having them at a time other than breakfast next week :)

  3. Oh I am one of those people too (who can't share a bed). Nick says I hog the covers and always move to his side. I tell him I just want to be closer to him at all times :)

    The salad looks yummy, but yeah, LOTS of blue cheese! Why must restaurants do that to everything? It's like they think we want TONS of everything.....annoying.

    Oats in a jar, yum. I had some yesterday too!

  4. I leave your blog so confused, oats in jars, green monsters, acroynmns galore... I do enjoy reading it all though.. lol.

  5. Mmmm oats! Makes me want to go empty my AB jar now! I also elbow in bed and wake up diagonally! Happy viernes!

  6. I LOVE GYRO MEAT! And the sauce that goes with it- Gigi's Cafe on 34th and Madison do an awesome chicken one.

    Yay oats in a jar!

  7. Sara, I love mixing it around and having it for different meals! we should do a month challenge ha

    Gina, I am all about being close to one another but the child was stabbing me haha

    Luigi, I love that you visit my make international! (((GASP)))

    Mansana, Oats in the jar make me a very happy girl!

    Ellie, Oh you me tzatziki sauce =) I love it too!...I need to check out that place

  8. oats in the jar makes any day great!! and dang thats a lot of bleu cheese! i couldnt eat all of that cheese!

  9. Thanks for your comments and looking out for me ;) This Pita Pan place looks so goooood - what's this challenge - is it to drink a Green Monster for dinner every night??!! Yikes- what's in it - I'm a 'food' person and prefer to eat - but whatever works for you!! Hope you get some sleep tonight haha!

  10. I hate sleeping with people (especially my sister) for that same reason! Plus she always steals the covers and I freeze! lol

    And mmm oats in a jar! My favorite breakfast! And of course that protein cookie dough is calling my name!

  11. EML, of course I am looking out for you! =)

    April, you started this madness lol... the minute I saw the "cookie dough" on your site, I was hooked lol

  12. I love your title-so adorable!

  13. We have a KING bed & just the addition of one of our girls we have NO room! I feel your pain sista!