Friday, November 6, 2009

New York's Best Burger...

That is what Donovan's states on their Menu and Website "Voted New York's Best Burger - NY Post/ Time Out Magazine". When my coworker let me know they were going to eat there (burger AGAIN on a Friday), I quickly went on their website and did some research...aka look at their menu for over an hour and debating if I want a burger or a Crab Cake Sandwich. Well since they are NY's Best burger, I went with a burger. I ordered the Donovan's Special Cheeseburger which is 1/2 a lb of Ground Sirloin (they all are), Sauteed Mushroom, fried Onions, and your choice of Cheese (I chose Cheddar).

At first glance, I loved that it was loaded with Onions and Mushrooms and then I closed it up and took a bite. Hmmm okay this is good but is it NY's Best Burger?...hmmm not so much. The meat was tender and it was not at all greasy which are both great but honestly it tasted like I was at a BBQ, which don't get me wrong; I liked but still not the best burger I ever had. NOW the burger I had last week...that is a totally different story. But it is not fair to compare the two because the other one was loaded with Guacamole etc.

Maybe I should have ordered the Crab Cake Sandwich lol

If you want to try a fresh tasting burger that makes you feel like you are at a 4th of July BBQ than definitely check out Donovan's but if you want to try a Variety of burgers than check out Jackson Hole.

Oh I almost forgot their Famous Homemade Handcut Fries...

Have a great Friday!



  1. No sex in your mouth? Sorry burger Friday was mediocre! Happy Friday!

  2. Well that looks way more exciting than my lunch!

    You are now on my blogroll too :-)

  3. aww...I got so excited when you left your comment and was hoping you had found the best burger in the world. Jackson's Hole is on the UWS, right? Isabella's do an incredible turkey burger (with shaved brussel sprouts and cranberry chutney on brioche, with sweet potato daaaaaang) if you are still hunting for a good burger!

  4. Good for you looking at the menu ahead of time! I always do that, so I don't get to a restaurant and take forever making a decision, and so I (hopefully) make the best decision as far as health is concerned.

    Glad you enjoyed your lunch!

  5. Next time I am in the NY area you are taking me to this place. You tempt me every week!

  6. Look at the size of those fries! I am so in the mood for a greasy burger ... I think that will be tomorrow's din din!!

  7. You forgot more muffins?? I was just plotting my next trip to the store to get muffins instead of tops ;-)

  8. it may not be the best NYC Burger but it sure does look delicious :D

  9. Thanks for the add, I officially added you as well. Namaste. :)

  10. I've been to Donovans and I agree about the burger... i must have missed the hype.


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