Monday, November 23, 2009

Twice As Nice

Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day! technically it IS the middle of the week since we only have 2 days left YAY! I love short work weeks =) it’s even better since my boss is out again today WOOHOOOO!!!!!! Mañana I might not as be as happy because the jefe will be back lol

Eats And Workouts

Ayer for lunch I made WW Pasta in Vodka Sauce and Grated Reduced Fat Parm


I also sautéed some Mushrooms, Onions, and Peppers in Garlic Powder, Salt and Water ( I usually do not use oil) DSCN3361

Lunch was served!


After lunch I took a two hour nap…I love Sundays!

When I finally woke up, I forced myself to do Level 1 of 30 Day Shred and cooled down with Namaste Yoga and burned 316 Calories in 50 minutes

For din din, I continued the Green Monster challenge and made one with Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, 1 Tbsp of PB, 1 scoop of LMM, and SplendaDSCN3327

This morning I woke up and watched the rest of the American Music Awards with Dante (I could not stay up till 11pm). I think the BEP had the best performance of the night. Did you watch it and if so who did you think was the best??? I also like Lady Gaga.

After I fully woke up, I did Boost Your Metabolism and burned 480 Calories in 55 minutes. I was super sweaty and it took all I had to get through the full workout. Why are some days harder than others? hmmmm

Okay you all know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE PB, so it only seems right that I have 1 jar at home and 1 jar at the office…we don’t want a PB emergency. So you know what that means I get to to have Oats in the Jar again!


Thanks for all of the great comments in regards to my post Ayer. Honestly the comment was not that bad, it sounded like the person who wrote it was drunk or 13 hahaha

Have a great day!!!!



  1. You are smart to have one jar at home and one at work! I need to do that!

  2. Hi there,
    I will definitely be having oats in a jar soon.
    My favorites from last night were: Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Jay-z & Alicia Keys.
    Have a fun day!

  3. Pasta sauce, and grated cheese both from a jar. MARI!! *bites lip*

    I will have to read that negative comment from the previous post, maybe it was your un-friendly neighbor! Have a fun day at work! :)

  4. You are doing so well with the green monster challenge! I would totally have one jar at work too but people tend to steal things in our work fridge! I try to keep little packets of pb in my desk instead. Someone used to actually steal my oatmeal out of my desk too. Haha insane!

  5. Luigi, you have to come out here and cook for me! =)

  6. That pasta dish looks fantastic, and I love a good pan filled with sauteed veggies, yum.

    Oats in a jar are so tasty, I had them twice last week! Too bad all my pb jars are filled to the brim now :(

    Thanks for the reminder that is' hump day! That's great, I hadn't thought about that, but I actually do have to work on Friday :( Oh well, I'll tak the one day I DO get off!

  7. I love pasta a la vodka! I make my own sauce. I have never had the jarred stuff- if its any good I might switch over.

  8. The pasta looks awesome!!

  9. The pasta looks terrific! (except I would leave out the onions!)

  10. I am doing the Shred today because I don't have a lot of time to workout and it will make me feel great.

    Great job on the Green Monster! I must make one someday.

  11. Oats in a jar rocks my world- though admittedly, I've only had it once. I have too many jars of nut butter open at one time to finish any! Gah.

  12. Mmmmm! Vodka sauce. Can you take shots of that? Your lonch looked very good!

  13. Mmm :) delish looking lunch, my dear! xo

  14. The infamous oats in a jar! That you took forever to finish

  15. Me loves some Ronzoni Healthy Harvest. The only pasta I'll eat. NOM!

  16. YUM!! This looks great!

    Thanks for the comment ;) The dessert contest doesn't need to be vegan! You should enter :) There are lots of good ones :)

    I love your posts doll!! Too fun!!


  17. You're lucky to not have your boss at work today! I totally can't even concentrate at work this week.

    Woot woot, for two more work days!!!

  18. that pasta looks SO GOOD!! and i love oats in a jar.. just seeing it makes me happy

  19. Yay for three day weeks! I am SO excited.

    It is definitely weird how some days feel so good to work out and some days, honestly, just suck. I think your body's tiredness just changes so frequently. I also blame it on the weather. I maintain I have some kind of weird arthritis where rain and cold make me less inclined to want to work out.

  20. The pasta looked yummy. I like all the added veggies. WTG!

  21. I really need to get another jar to keep at work, I think in the past I was afraid I would eat it too much but really it would be a great emergency snack if I can control myself ;-)


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