Monday, December 21, 2009


I am allllll about the holidays but I am not allllllll about the snow lol. We ended up getting around 1 foot in Queens.  I had to clean my car two times…ayer when the storm was over and again this morning because the sanitation trucks covered it up with snow….DSCN4032

I was literally snowed in lol  DSCN4027 DSCN4029 DSCN4031

At least the whole weekend was not a bust. On Saturday evening my niece and sister came over to bake holiday cookies….DSCN3994 

You should always make cookies in your PJ’s lolDSCN3995   DSCN4011 

Her Angel came out perfectly! DSCN4002DSCN4018 

They didn’t turn out how we expected….DSCN4020

But they sure tasted good….DSCN4021

Later in the evening I had a Pastele for dinner….


Sunday Morning I woke up pretty early to go clean my car but first I had to have a nutritious breakfast of….Cookie Dough! (don’t judge)

For Lunch I had a cup of Campbell’s Butternut Squash (still have no idea what the calories ACTUALLY are) with leftover PB Pasta and Protein Cookie Dough for dessert

DSCN4033DSCN3990  DSCN4037

I have to admit that Sunday was a very LAZY day which consisted of a lot of napping and quality time with Dante. Later in the evening I was craving Chinese food; which I have wanted for almost 2 weeks. I felt bad having the delivery guy have to drive because of me but when I called they were super busy so I guess Snow Storms = Chinese Craving lol I tipped him almost 10 bucks =) I ended up getting Hunan Shrimp, Crab Ragoon, and House Special Fried Rice

DSCN4038 This was soooooo freaking good!


This morning I skipped my morning workout (Migraine) and slept until 8 am. For Breakfast I just had Kashi Oatmeal with PB and 1/2 a Banana and my usual coffee on the side


Oh I am in the local Newspaper!


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