Thursday, December 10, 2009

Campbell’s Confusion & Chobani Review

Good morning everyone!!!!! I hope you guys are having a great morning!!!! I am so happy this morning… I am not sure why yet but hey I’ll take it! Actually today is my one year Single Anniversary! AND I AM SO HAPPY!!!! Last year on this day I was crying and heart broken but here I am, one year later and ALIVE! I made it though the breakup and I am on the other side…life is good =)

I have so much to discuss this morning….eats, review, workouts, and CONFUSION!

Let’s start with lunch from ayer…I had my WW Pasta with Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms in PB, Sesame Teriyaki Sauce, and Chili Bean Sauce and Jell-O SF Pudding for dessert…as Bill Cosby says “There’s always room for Jell-O”


I was in a funk ayer, mainly because my coworker had the day off which meant I had to deal with the Jefe allllll alone but then UPS came and made everything better! A few weeks ago I won a Contest on Dawn's website and the prize was a package from Chobani and here it is!


I dug around….. DSCN3753

And look what was underneath…. DSCN3754 DSCN3758

Thank you so much to Dawn and Shari from Chobani for sending these to me! I already tried one of the flavors last night! Review below….

When I got home I decided to redecorate my tree and actually stuck a whole bunch of stones inside the base so the wind can’t knock it down lol

For Din Din I was craving some Butternut Squash Soup and this is where things got interesting. I knew the soup was either 120 or 140 Calories but I wanted to double check so I looked at the nutrition label and it said “Calories 90”

DSCN3761 (3 different cartons that say 90 Calories)

hmmmm this did not seem right because on the website it said:

nutrition-golden-butternut-squash (Courtesy of

I decided to call them (yeah I am one of those people). The lady on the phone tried to assist me but honestly she only aggravated me more. She told me that perhaps the servings are different…hmmm no they are both 1 cup…she then made us compare various nutrition facts and they were also different. After a few minutes of running around and chasing our tails and me explaining to her that I have a website and I will be posting this on it, she put me on hold and came back with this…are you ready? Are you ready to hear the reason they gave me? Hold on to your seat….


Huh what? This is the first time I ever heard something so strange and if that WAS the case than why doesn't it state that on their website. Here are my 2 theories:

1) They changed it to make it lower in calories and are in the process of making the transition on their website etc.


2) Someone dropped the ball and they misprinted the labels and instead of stopping production ($$$) and correcting it, they decided to just ship these out.

I think if the second is true, this is horrible because some people (like myself) are watching their calorie intake and if you consume the whole container you either had 180 Calories or 280 Calories and I’m sorry but those 100 calories make a difference to me and I am sure to someone else out there. I hope that someone from Campbell’s stumbles across my little blog and clarifies this confusion

What do you think? And would you care?

Even though I was frustrated and confused I still decided to enjoy my warm and delicious bowl of soup


And for dessert I tried out this baby!


Since you know I care about Nutrition facts, of course I have to share this


Not to shabby; 140 Calories, 0 Grams of Fat AND 14 Grams of Protein! But how does it taste hmmmm. I was scared that it would either be too sweet or to sour because it IS Greek Yogurt but I was pleasantly surprised. The best way to describe the taste is “smooth”…the Peach taste was subtle and not over powering.

I also tested the thickness…



And since I know I will mix this with PB in the future, I had to mix a little bit of peanut butter towards the end to see how it tasted


Will I buy this? Yup for sure! =) Once again, thank you!!!!

Later in the evening I was craving “cookie dough” and I had like 2 servings (oops)



I then decided to do some light Cardio with my Wii Step while I watched Glee. Was I the only one who was tearing while watching this episode? I heart Glee…I was actually part of the Glee Club in Grade School lol. I ended up doing Step for 30 minutes and burned 230 Calories.


This morning I overslept pero I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of Turbo Jam Cardio Party and burned 285 Calories. My upper body is so sore from doing “I want those arms” ayer and doing REAL pushups the other night. I love this sore feeling though =)

For Breakfast I just had Oikos Honey Yogurt with 1/4 of a Banana(dropped some on the ground) and PB with my usual coffee on the side.


Have a great day!!!



  1. Congrats on winning the Greek yogurt! That is a great giveaway! I love Greek yogurt, especially compared to regular.

  2. Are you kidding me? That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard in my life!

    And...about the one year single thing....that is just about one of the best feelings in the entire world. I remember when I was single and just over a heartbreak, I thought it was the worst thing. Coming out on the other side (and actually realizing that I was okay) was like a breath of fresh air. I'm so proud of you!!

  3. Congrats!! I am so glad you are enjoying it. BTW, hysterical story about the soup. I am not sure what is more funny ... the labeling excuse or you calling them on it!!!

  4. I *heart* pudding- great dessert is cooking up a pack of plain instant oats and topping with cold chocolate pudding. Delish :D

    That is so odd about the labels. I don't buy their excuse at ALL- my guess is that the website hasn't been updated after a recipe change. Or vice versa- either way, would bug me too. I like to know what I am eating.

    I love Greek yogurt- my favourite are the Fage 2% twin pots. SO incredibly thick and creamy. Cherry is best!

  5. oh my GOSH!! That's absolutely ridiculous. I can't believe that. Seriously, I would B*TCH about that too!! Good for you for calling, I would do the same thing. I can't get over this. I might just call them myself!!!

    Love Chaboni, by the way. And with pb, soooo good. Question for you; what brand of WW pasta do you buy?

  6. Yay for 1 year!! And omg about the soup! That is so ridiculous! I can't believe they gave you that answer! I love that you called them!

  7. Gina, you should call them too lol. I usually buy Ronzoni Healthy Harvest WW Pasta =)

  8. That is so so weird about the nutrition facts! I need to start paying more attention to those sort of things.

    I love Chobani! Glad you liked it too.

  9. I love how happy you are! I don't want to see that unhappy girl come back ever, K?

    Good job for being ballsy with the sopa information. Companies get away with too much when it comes to labeling, so I hope you get an answer!

    Finally, you always amaze me with your workouts and how persistent you are in getting to them! Good job!

  10. Chobani looks wonderful! I'm in communication with Shari, too! How funny!

    I am just about to post a lot of great info on PCOS -- check it out!

  11. Nicole, I can't wait to see that post!!!

  12. NOMMMM I LOVE CHOBANI!! i love freezing my peach yogurt!

  13. That is so crazy about the soup.. what in the world?? that would make me angry!

  14. Mari, nevermind the calories, LOOK at ALL that salt! 20% of your daily intake, in that one tiny soup.

  15. The fat, sodium, protein, etc. is all different too so I'm thinking it's a new recipe and they have not updated their website yet. Still the lady could've been a bit less vague about the whole thing. Food labeling frustrates the bejesus out of me, which is why I'd rather make everything at home myself, but it's not always possible. Good for you though for calling them on it!


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