Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crisis Adverted

Good morning! I am so grateful that I made it here in once piece. It is pouring and we have horrible flooding and for some reason my steering wheel gets stuck whenever I go over a large puddle so driving into work was pretty scary. I think I might leave early to avoid any more flooding. So Thank you God for getting me to work safe and sound!

I have so much to show you this morning…

Ayer for Lunch I had 1/2 a cup of Brown Rice with Spanish Style Roman Beans mixed with Onions and Peppers, 1/2 a Banana. And for dessert I had a  Jell-O SF Pudding Snack… it is so nice to know that I am not the only one who loves these =). I usually get the Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl…what do you get?

 DSCN3692 DSCN3698

After work I picked up my sister and niece and we drove to Belle Harbor in the Rockaways to go see the Decorated Christmas House. When we got there…IT WAS OFF! My niece started crying and I think I shed a tear too lol. I refused to drive all the way back home so we went to get something to eat in the area and waited it out. We ended up going to Wendy’s for din din.

My sister and I both wanted to try the Home Style Chicken Go Wrap so we all decided to share this…it was actually pretty good.


I also got a Small Chili with Cheese to warm me up


And 99 cent Fries


After we ate, we said a quick prayer for the house to be on when we got there…THE CRISIS WAS ADVERTED!!!!!!

 DSCN3706 DSCN3707 DSCN3746DSCN3708 DSCN3711 DSCN3713 DSCN3714 DSCN3715 DSCN3716 DSCN3717 DSCN3719 DSCN3720 DSCN3728



I think this was my favorite part…the Skating Rink DSCN3733DSCN3734




DSCN3740 DSCN3741

These dudes were a tad scary lolDSCN3742 DSCN3745

Now you see why I wanted to come see it…I love this house. Before leaving we made a Donation (BTW it was Diabetes not Cancer like I mentioned on my previous post)


On our drive home, we split a Kit kat Bar (I had one stick)


I finally got home around 7:30 and started cooking my favorite PB Pasta to bring into work for lunch. When I was done cooking I decided to do a quick workout while watching the BL finale…did ya’ll watch this??? Tracy scared the crap out of me lol. I ended up doing Jessica’s workout again and cooled down with 10 minutes of Kettlebell and burned 209 Calories in 25 minutes.

I went to bed right after the finale and was woken up in the middle of the night by a large BOOM in my living room. I had the window open and my Christmas tree fell to the ground from the harsh wind. All my ornaments fell off and the lights are a mess…and I have no oomph to do it again lol.

I tried to go back to sleep but I am one of those people that once I am  up, I AM UP! I finally knocked out but it made it harder to wake up this morning. I did manage to drag my bum out of bed but it was sooooo dark because of all the rain etc. and I had no mojo to workout pero I did =). I did Jillian’s Kickboxing and I Want Those Arms and burned 345 Calories in 40 minutes

For breakfast I just had Oikos Honey Yogurt with 1/2 a Banana, and PB and my usual coffee


(I love this new container)

I really don’t want to be here today and I am so scared to drive back home =(… Wish me luck! =)



  1. I love all of the Christmas light pictures! Bloggers are seriously what is putting me in the Christmas spirit!

    And I feel you on driving in the rain...My car is terrible. I just got new tires, but I'm still hydroplaning like crazy.

  2. good like with the driving!

    that's a crazy amount of decorations!

  3. Wow - love all the decorations!!

    Sorry about your tree! One year way back when I lived with my parents, EVERY morning our tree would be on the ground.

    At first we blamed the cat, but then just blamed the tree - so my Dad drilled holes in the wall, put eye hooks in and tied the tree to the wall!

    Awesome job rocking the workouts!!

  4. Wow the house gets better every year! imagine what they coned bill is like??? *shivers*

    Sorry about your christmas tree! maybe over the weekend you will get your motivation back!!!

  5. Look at all those lights! I'm glad they finally turned them on for you :) I would have cried too...

    I love Wendy's, it was actually started right here in Columbus, Ohio! I don't think they sell those chicken wraps here, and I'm super jealous. Although my favorite Wendy's meal is the chili and baked potato combo.

  6. I love the house! It's so sparkly and pretty and we all know I love sparkly!

    Glad you made it there safe!

  7. Pretty pictures but that sucks about your tree! Have a safe drive home! Times like this that I'm happy I don't have a car here!

  8. Oh my goodness, hope you get home safely! Glad everything turned out great for you and your niece the other night :)

    Sorry about the tree though!

  9. Im glad you made it safe and sound!! driving in crazy weather in scary, and so not fun :(

    I LOVE the christmas photos!! SO festive :) lovvve!

  10. OH my gosh!! can you make that yogurt look ANY more delish!! gahh!!! i LOVE those pictures..they are all so sweet! and for real.. the coming soon GG thang is sucha tease

  11. I love those 60 cal Jello puddings, too! Yummm!

    Man down -- love it! Beautiful pictures!

    I totally agree with your BL comments on my blog. Tracy AND Rebecca were too small, I think. Just so much weight sooooo fast!!

  12. Bummer about Christmas tree! The wind has been crazy lately. Wishing you a safer ride home.

  13. Biz, ha my mom did the same thing with her tree because it would always fall down too.

    Mo, I think those little skaters are new this year lol..I would have remembered them and Yup their coned bill must be super high!

    Gina, WOOHOO someone else that likes Wendy's!

    Missy, sometimes I wish I had a train near my job so I could avoid driving into work.

    Nicole, Rebecca scared me too! and I don't like her haircut or color...she looks soooo much older now

  14. AWWw.. the house is perfect for the holidays! =D.. "man down" made me chuckle.. miss u mariette!

  15. I love all the pics! I had to take a double take at the banana in your lunch pic!

    Oh no about your tree- but you got a kick asss workout :)

  16. Good luck, Mari! I know you'll be safe and sound...don't worry! :-)

    aw, beautiful decorations...the tree and the lights and christmas statues are pretty, too. ;-)

    Oh, and Mimi and I have been planning to get Wendy's chili together since forever. Hopefully this sat!

  17. So much PB on that spoon! Delicious. You have fueled my constant PB craving.

    It's a good thing you guys stuck it out and waited to see the Christmas lights. Because they just made my morning. I love Christmas decorations. It's too bad about your tree! I have faith that you will put it back up though ;)

  18. Wow that looks lovely, (THE CHRISTMAS lights! Not what you ate! LOL!!!) Awwww!


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