Friday, December 18, 2009


I have a giveaway for my lovely bloggies today but you have to wait until the end of the post =)

Lets begin where we left off ayer =)

I had packed lunch to eat ayer but I had such a craving for Sushi and when I say Sushi, ya’ll know I mean GINZA! Missy you have to go back with me =). I ordered a Liki 4 with Brown Rice, 1/2 a Godzilla Roll also with brown rice, and 1/2 an Octopus Salad (don’t turn your nose up at my food lol)



After work my sister bribed with Starbuck’s and asked me to pick her from work. After sitting in traffic for what felt like eternity, I finally got to her job and this made it allll better. A vanilla decaf skinny latte…Hola LOVA!


We then picked up my niece from my dad’s house and then headed to my mom’s house and found my mom cooking away in the kitchen. If you are Dominican, you know that no Holiday is complete without Pasteles en Hoja

Pasteles en hojas (savory pies in leaf) or pasteles Dominicanos (Dominican savory pies). There are common but hard to come across on the island. Pasteles are mainly made around the holidays and are simple. The masa contains three tubers or plantains and two tubers and is filled with ground meat. The meat is sauteed and seasoned with garlic, ground annatto, sour orange or grapefruit, tomato paste, red onion, and sometimes basil. It is placed on a banana leaf, wrapped and tied. It is then boiled.

When we got there she was almost finished but I snapped a few pics

Pork Loin in various Seasoning


Chickpeas, Olives, Peppers, and Raisins DSCN3943

She scoops in inside the Plantain Mixture DSCN3944

Ties it in this DSCN3945

You boil them …..

And then eat them either alone, or with Ketchup or Hot Sauce…I know Mo you no likey Ketchup on yours but I DO! lol. I had 1 and 1/2





This morning I barely woke up. I was up until 11:30 last night because my damn neighbor was smoking and I could not fall asleep because the smell of cigarettes' was coming into my bedroom. I did get up though and did 25 minutes of jogging with my Wii Fit and 20 minutes Step with hand weights and elevated the board to make it harder and burned 438 Calories in 45 minutes while I watched Jersey Shore. Why did they black out the punch? I don’t get it…everyone already saw it all over the news etc so seriously what was the point…damn you MTV damn you lol

For Breakfast I had Kashi Oatmeal with PB and a Banana with my usual coffee.


You may notice that the bowl is lacking oats…well that is because THIS happened….

DSCN3952 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Namaste Mari’s Words of Wisdom:

If you ever have the urge to contact an ex boyfriend because you want to see how he is doing….DON’T. Ayer I tm’ed my ex to see how he was and I wanted to kick him via the phone. All of a sudden he is Mr. Fitness and he is trying to tell ME what to do?! Did he forget who I was? He is talking to me about jogging and how much I will love it…again did you forget who I was? Let me remind you, I am the girl who would jog on the boardwalk every morning and the ONE day you decided to join me, I left you behind inhaling my dirt. So yay for you Mr. Fitness! Enjoy the PX90 that I gave you AFTER we broke up for Christmas. So again my friends, when you have the urge to contact an ex…DON’T! it is NOT worth it.


The weather is cold and we would all like to warm up with a nice warm cup of coffee. In the spirit of the Holidays…I am giving away 2 Bags of Hazelnut coffee, 1 Bag of Dunkin Decaf, and 1 Traveling Mug


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