Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going To Kick Him….

Remind me to never tell my coworker anything! I am leaving work early today to go to the Gym’s Holiday Lunch and I told my 9-5 Jefe that I had an appt…So all of a sudden this morning he goes “oh you are leaving early right? for the Christmas Party” I never mentioned it to him but DID tell my coworker and I guess he told him…I am going to KICK him when he comes in. So now my jefe is asking me what I am wearing to the party (he is blind). Note to Self: Kick Tiago when he walks in!

On a bright side…I get to leave around 12:30ish to go to the Lunch and then going to pick up lil lady from school and bringing over to my place but first we need to make a stop to Subway so she can get a sammie “that’s healthy titi” The power of the Biggest Loser ha

Eats and Workouts

Ayer for lunch I had leftovers from the Jardin de China; Steak with Onions, Rice, and Red Beans


For dinner I was craving veggies! I had Roasted Brussels Sprouts with EVOO, Garlic, and Salt. 1/2 a cup of Spanish Style Roman Beans with Onions and Peppers. I paired it with Cranberry and Apple Dressing and I took Joanne’s advice and threw in a splash of Orange Juice and Cinnamon….YUUUUUMS! Thanks chickie!


I also had 2 servings of “Cookie Dough”


And since Mo Diva said that she loves my honesty…I guess I should also tell ya’ll that I snacked on a bag of Tollhouse chips while hanging out with “Dante” and texting Mo lol (I can’t wait for Sunday)



This morning I woke up DARK and Early lol and did Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones and burned 354 Calories. Third day of my challenge is going strong!

For Breakfast I had Chobani Peach Yogurt with PB and my usual coffee


Reminder: I joined Twitter! not namastemari but namaste_mari =) (it has an underscore)


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  1. Yes kick your coworkers ass haha. Love your dinner. I need to make those brussels sprouts!

  2. So more importantly, what ARE you wearing????

    I am all over your dinner and snacks too!

  3. Woh! Dinner looked great! Have fun at the party.

  4. LMAO. Thats cool, while were texting I ate half a bag of sweet potato chips from Food Should Taste Good and two screwdrivers... teee hee.
    I need to find this jardin de china.

  5. twitter is a great time waster :-)

  6. love your lunches!! and the "cookie dough" have fun at the partayy!

  7. peach and pb combined?? interesting! I wouldn't think that would be tasty, but maybe I would be surprised :)

  8. I want to hang out with you girls!!

    Text me tonight so I don't eat my way through cookie temptation land :)

  9. Big mouth, Tiago...nauuugggghhhtttty!!

    Great job on the workouts, Mari!

  10. I'LL kick your co-worker for you! I've been loving on beans lately with veggies, pitas and meat...yummers. I don't know how all you guys do it ...y'all eat well, I snack alot and on chocolate...arghh. Have a great night @ the party!!

  11. I am now following you on twitter!

    Don't coworkers just make you want to SCREAM some days!? I'm right there with ya!

    Love the Biggest Loser comment on Subway -- couldn't agree more. *eye roll*

  12. mmm LOVE roasted brussesls sprouts! they look so good! and i agree def kick your coworkers tush :)

    have fun at the fiesta!!

  13. I love snacking on chocolate chips right out of the bag ;-)

    Hope you have a great time at the party!

  14. Yay, I recently joined Twitter too! I'm not one of those obsessive users so I probably won't be of much help, but welcome to the Twitter world.

  15. Great workout! I love anything cookie dough too.