Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gold Party = $$$$$

Hey everyone! How are all my lovely bloggies this am? Great, I hope. I am a tad tired this am because I did a lot of running around ayer.

Eats & Workouts

Ayer for Lunch I had leftover Lasagna and paired it with a Green Monster made with Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, PB, LMM, Splenda and Water


After Work I ran to the Mall to find some brown leggings but I could not find any that I liked so I am just going to keep looking. After the Mall I ran to the Gym for the Gold Party. I took a small amount of broken rings, Earrings that were missing the other pair, Charms, etc and made $400 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I immediately called my mom and sister and they wanted to go too (I told them before hand and they had no interest). I ended up picking up my sister and niece on my way to the Church (I had to get proof that I did my Communion and Baptism) and then we went to my mom’s house to head BACK to the Gym. My sister ended up making $700.00 and my mom made $1,650.00. We decided to go out to dinner to celebrate! OH and I found 2 more pieces to take at my mom’s house and made an additional $150.00.

We ended up going to Outback Steakhouse.

I started off with a small piece of bread


And we all shared the infamous Blooming Onion. This sucker shaved off about 5 years of my life but worth every bite ha


I wanted Steak but wanted a Small Low Calorie piece. I looked at the menu for over 10 minutes and finally decided to get the 8 Ounce Prime Rib which was around 540 Calories and paired it with String Beans and Mushrooms. Good choice, right? WRONG! This was so disgusting! The was Fat FAT FAT! I sent it back (but kept my veggies)


And then ordered the Joey Sirloin from the Kids Menu…much better


While we were at the Restaurant my dad called and said he wanted to go to the Gold Party too so we had to meet him and GO BACK TO THE GYM! My dad walked away with $1,000.00 and his friend made $325.00. My family walked away with $4,225.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHA-CHING.

By the time I got home, it was almost 10pm and I realized that I had beans soaking all day so I had to cook them when I got home. I didn’t get to bed until after 11pm….WAY PAST MY BED TIME lol. Thank God, I had Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney to keep me company ha.


This morning, I wanted nothing more than to sleep in but it is day 2 of my CHALLEGE! I woke up and did Level 3 of 30 Day Shred and the Factor Five workout and burned 390 Calories in 45 minutes.

For Breakfast I just Kasho Oatmeal with PB and 1/2 a Banana with my usual coffee on the side.



Fabulous Nicole passed along the HAPPY 101 AWARD to me! WOOHOO! Thanks chickie =)

The rules are:
1. List 10 things that make you Happy

2. Tag 10 Bloggers that Brighten your day

10 things that make me happy!

  1. Playing Charades at family gatherings
  2. The smile on my niece’s face when I surprise her and how she says “TITI!”
  3. Being able to do 10 “real” pushups in a row
  4. Discovering new eats that I love (cranberry dressing)
  5. Spending time with my family and we all get along! lol
  6. Running around and playing with my niece and taking advantage of every moment with her
  7. Bad Reality TV! Jersey Shore anyone?
  8. When I am in bed and Koko manages to get on his two back legs and licks my hand or face…this is HUGE because he is so old
  9. Jogging/powerwalking on the Beach
  10. Meeting new people that I make a connection with….

10 Bloggies that deserve this award because they make me smile everyday are…

  1. Faith Food And Fitness
  2. Joanne at Eats well with Others
  3. Sarah at See Sarah Eat
  4. Gina at the Candid RD
  5. Mansana at One Healthy Apple
  6. April at Foods of April
  7. Eating Machine!
  8. Naomi at One fit Foodie
  9. Mo Diva!
  10. Sarah at Healthy Mom on the Run

Have a fabulous day!



  1. OOOOH I got an award!!! WEPA!

    Dude, my mom got About $1000 from selling her gold. i wish I had more gold. I have a few measly pieces but maybe I can score a few bucks...

    Ive been bad. i havent worked out since Friday. GULP.
    Come kick my butt mari! I am working out tonight though

  2. I seriously doubt the blooming onion took off 5 years. C'mon. Get real. ...it's probably more like 7!! :) jk! heheheh!!!

  3. Holy wow-that's a good idea with the gold jewelry!

    I'm such a huge fan of the bloomin' onion-it's so good!

  4. i LOVE outback!!
    gah, all that money you made..suhweeet!

  5. Congrats on the award! And, thanks for passing it along :) I'm honored!
    So as your RD :), I would like to say congrats at sending back that steak and ordering off the kids menu!! Good for you. I will say though, I've noticed you do eat out a lot, and if you want to keep weight off, it's not good to eat out more than once a week (in my opinion). I know you were celebrating, and for GOOOOD reasons, but just be careful. You asked, so I'm telling!

    Too bad I don't have any gold to turn in. I want to be rich too!

  6. MO- I will be sending you a tm tonight for sure =)

    PM- ha 7 might be right lol

    Anne Marie- Blooming Onion is sinfully delicious lol

    KTB- I am a happy girl!

    Gina- thank you so much for keeping me in check and I totally agree with you! I was very hesitant to go out ayer to eat but I tried to behave while I was out...and yup I have been eating out WAY too much...tonight will be a home cooked me =)...I love that you are my RD!

  7. WOAH! cha ching! that is SO rad my girl! <3

  8. Yay! I'm so excited for my award! I keep seeing these jewelery things in the news and mail, maybe I can look through my stuff, although I maintain I wear it all!

    Muchas gracias for the award! I'm so very honored!

    P.S. Outback bread is the best. I wish that could be ordered as my meal!

  9. Damn I am so coming to the next party! That Outback bread is the best! I always end up eating a whole loaf! Good idea ordering from the kids menu!

  10. Thank you sweetie for the award. I will be sure to repost by the end of the weekend.

    I have a few pieces of gold that I need to go and see how much I could get. I need to find one of these parties :)

    I am glad you sent that steak back. Why eat something that looks like that :)

  11. Awesome on the gold!!! I have an box filled with all my old gold ... I need to get my butt to the pawn shop!!!

  12. Oooo thank you so much for the award chica! I will include it in my next blog post. I love reading your ten things by the way.

    I can't believe you made that much money off your old gold. I always see those commercials on tv but never really believe them. That is insane.

    Love the bloomin onion. I won't eat it ever again. But I like to fantasize about eating it. LOL.


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