Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Lunch and Time With Homefries!

Good morning cool cats lol…I hope ya’ll are having a great day thus far and staying warm. It is BRRRRRRRRRR out there; I am still defrosting ha.

I actually had a good time ayer at the Gym’s Holiday Lunch. We never get to see one another because only one lady works per shift so we all communicate via a notebook that we have on the desk so it was nice to reconnect with all the ladies.

I started off with a tiny piece of Bruschetta


A couple of pieces of Fried Calamari and small serving of Caprese Salad


For my main course I ordered WW Linguini with Vodka Sauce which I only ate 1/2 of and saved the rest for din din


We had a great time….


After the lunch I rushed to pick up my niece from school…I was lucky that I hit no traffic because I was doing about 80 (oops). Have you ever tried to find parking near a school? IT SUCKS! I had to park about 4 blocks away and RUN to her school…and I was greeted with “titi you are late…I am almost the last one left”. I took her to Subway and which shut her up really quickly lol. The dude that worked there thought she was such a cutie and gave her this little reusable bag with a bear on it. I think it’s to save wilderness or something, no se. We went back to my place and she did her tarea and then played with my Wii Fit.

After I dropped her off later in the evening, I went back home and had my leftovers…


And for dessert I had ONE SERVING (yup just one) of “cookie dough”



This morning I woke up and just wanted to stay in bed because it was so cold in my apartment but that nagging voice was right there with me “get up, are you seriously going to quit the challenge on day 4? GET UP” I finally dragged my bum up and did Jillian’s kickboxing and Power Pilates on Exercise TV and burned 324 Calories in 45 minutes. If you guys are looking for a good Pilates workout and have Exercise TV, I totally recommend it.

For Breakfast I just had Chobani Strawberry Yogurt with PB and my usual coffee. Gina, PB makes everything better (for me lol)


Today should be a nice day at work, the jefe and coworker are both out wooooohooooooo. I should have brought my sports bra and HR monitor so I could workout in the office…YES I have done that in the past lol

Have a great day chickies and chicos



  1. Mmm that pasta with vodka sauce looks amazing!

    And yes, I loved Eat, Pray, Love...makes me really want to travel to Indonesia!

  2. That pasta looks so good! I could go for some right about now.

  3. I love the bits & pieces of spanish in your blog. It's like a brain teaser for me to read and figure it out. Like today, I just relearned "tarea"...HOMEWORK!! :) Yay me!! Yay you!!

  4. now i'm craving vodka sauce
    it'd be ok to bust out the vodka at 9 am if it's going into pasta, right?

  5. you look pretty, and oh calamari!!! yum!

    We must hit an Italian place next!! =)

  6. Wow! that was a hefty leftover portion!

    (((vodka sauce)))

    You are a good titi!

  7. Your pasta looks so good! Great job with your challenge! I suck!

  8. I want your pasta! I've been craving carbs lately and could eat that entire plate you have there.

    Parking near a school is impossible. Don't kids take the bus anymore?

  9. lol PB soo makes everything better!
    that pasta looks great!

  10. PB lifts my spirits- you are totally right!

    I love your office workouts. I decided to sit on my exercise ball because of you!

  11. My goodness, that linguine is looking so comforting to me right now! Bring me a doggy bag too pls!

  12. Lovin' the vodka pasta!! I think maybe that should be next on my 'have to make' list!!

  13. Lovin your food choices, especially that pb. I love mixing pb in Greek yogurt, it's soooo good! I was just telling someone about it today actually. I also add chocolate powder to make is like a little Reese cup!

  14. I have a major craving for pasta now, thanks to you. Except I have to eat up the leftovers in my fridge...damn you, Mari! lol.

    Hey, I'll probably be in NYC around 29-31st...will you be free?

  15. mmm that mozz in the caprese salad looks so creamy and delish!! good for you for getting up! I know its so hard in teh winter time to drag out of bed when its so cozy in there!!

  16. Power pilates sounds awesome!! I like pilates way more than yoga.. I wish I had exercise tv!

  17. This ladies lunch looks super fun! And that pasta...groan...awesomeness! I need to make some penne a la vodka. Soon.

    Your niece sounds like such a cutie. And yeah, I'm glad you didn't hit any traffic...or ANOTHER VEHICLE. Eighty?? You are crazy :P


    and yes, PB makes any day brighter ;)


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