Monday, December 7, 2009

I Miss It…

I didn’t realize how much I missed jogging until I was in the park ayer. I used to jog every morning when I lived by the beach, either on the sand or the boardwalk. I loved feeding off the energy of the other people; we were in “secret” club and it was an unspoken unity. When I moved to my new apartment, I continued to jog but on the street and it aggravated my foot and I got Plantar Fasciitis so I had to stop for a bit; I think I went too hard too fast. This summer I started up again but stopped after a bit, and I couldn’t quite figure it out but I think it was the fact that I was running alone at 6:30 am by houses and not much scenery. I missed the sunrise, sand, and the waves from the beach and also the camaraderie. Ayer when I was in the park, I felt alive again…I kept saying good morning and smiling at the other early birds. It sucks that I discovered this, so late in the year (colder weather) but I can not wait to get out in the park and start jogging. I was thinking of going this morning but it was so dark and I am not sure how many people are out there at that time. I want to jog but I want to be smart about it. I spoke to my cousin and she said she would train with me for the 5K but after the new year…


Ayer for Lunch I had WW Pasta with Mushrooms, Onions, and Peppers, in PB, Sesame Teriyaki Sauce, and Chili Bean Sauce


For Dessert I had “cookie dough”



For din din I made my dad’s famous sandwich with Swiss cheese, Ham, WW White Bread with little of bit of butter, 2 slices of Tomato, and Ketchup (and more “cookie dough” for dessert)


This morning I did not workout, I was not feeling that well so I skipped it but I will do something tonight for sure.

For Breakfast I made a Green Monster but something was wrong with the texture and it sucked lol so I tossed it out


And had Honey Nut Cheerios instead… I am going to be so hungry in the an hour lol  DSCN3656

I have to sneak out of here around 12ish to run to the gym to take our holiday pictures to send to the members =)

Have a great day!!!!



  1. well, if I live in Queens you know I would train with ya! ;) I hate the cold, so I can't wait to run this Spring!

  2. have a great monday girl!! why dont you eat LC anymore? it rocks my world!

  3. YOu could bring my Doggy with you. she loves running!

  4. That's awesome about running! I can imagine that it would be so beautiful to run on the beach :)

  5. That is such a great feeling, I love it. Honey nut cheerios are soo good :-)

  6. Sounds like a great place to go in the mornings, I wish I had such a place!

    I used to have plantar fasciitis, but it was form wearing flip flops too often. I do get plantar warts (gross) form running though, do you?

    glad your cousin is willing to help you train!

  7. I'm happy for you with the jogging! Some days, running just feels amazing. It often totally helps uplift my mood. And yeah, the cold weather can definitely be tough sometimes, but the outdoors is usually so worth it!

  8. My hubby has had plantar fascitis from years of sports. I feel for ya! I see what he goes through ... it is no fun!

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  10. That's awesome that your cousin is going to train with you. It helps to have a partner! I have been running in the cold and it has been hard but I'm learning how to layer, ha ha.


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