Thursday, December 31, 2009

Testing 1 2 3

GOOD MORNING! I am testing out my niece's Netbook to see how easy it is to blog from far so good it would be better if I could download Windows Live Writer on it but I wont mess with her netbook THAT much lol. I have to get used to the teeny tiny keyboard...If I could guarantee that I could "steal" wifi from someone in my building; I would run out and get one right now lol. I was thinking of putting a flyer in the lobby "let me steal your wifi and I will pay you 15 dollars a month" lol

Eats and Workouts:

Ayer for lunch we ordered from Avli. I had 4 pieces of Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce and Grilled Veggies.

For Din din I had Lentil Soup in my new favorite bowl! and for dessert I had Protein Cookie Dough

Later in the Evening I did Jillian's Wii Game and burned 460 Calories in 50 minutes. I did one of her pre made workouts and created my own and boy did I kick my own bum lol


Ayer when I said "end the year with a bang", I did not mean SNOW! I woke up to this....

I hate snow! I really REALLY do lol

I decided to warm up with a nice bowl of Oats with White Chocolate PB and Raisins and my Usual Coffee.

I also made a yummy bowl for my niece with a smiley face but it soon turned into a sad face when she told me she didn't like it (sad panda)

Did you guys see my niece's comment on my previous post? I can't believe my 6 year old niece is leaving comments on my site!

"titi your the best bloger in the whole wide world. I love you Titi"

That totally made my day! I love that kid lol

Well I am off to play the New Super Mario Bros game for the Wii with homefries!

*****Blogger Meet up Update*********

We are planning to have it on Saturday January 30th...please email me at if you would like to attend...

Have a great day and I WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for enriching my life this past year, I am grateful to have met you all in 2009


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  1. Happy New Year to you too!!! I love the smiley face oatmeal :-)

  2. Happy New Year girl! Hope 2010 is a great year for you!
    <3 jess

  3. sooo sweet about your little niece!1
    have a great NYE girl!

  4. Happy New Year. I will be at your blogger meet up if you still love me and all.... ;)

  5. Happy New Year!! Where's the blogger meet up being held?

  6. The new super mario game is the s**t, no joke. I can;t get enough of it. the hubby and I just played for an hour. Now he is playing some PS3 which I bought him for Christmas. It seems like you like the jillian wii game. I am curious about that. If I hear more good things about it, I may just buy it. Right now I am just working on her 30 day shred video. Happy New Year!

  7. i like the happy oats.

    blogger meet ups ROCK!

  8. sounds like a killer workout with the wii :)
    happy new years!

  9. How cute! she is leaving you comments? AWWW

  10. happy new years girl!! i'm about to email you about the meetup! i def wanna go :)



  12. Love raisins!!! Yummy. Love the smiley face :) Your soup looks delish as well as usual. Wishing you the BEST NYE girl :) It's snowing here now - blah - messy to get out in :( - not cool! Oh and I answered your question on my blog! I agree with the music for sure - check out Deva Premal too...I also just like Enya :)...but eventually I just have to go back to some ole' hip-hop and start dancing ;)

  13. you should seriously put up a flyer-it might work!

  14. Happy New Year!! Can't wait for the meetup!

  15. Those oats are adorable but booo to her not liking them! I would have eaten them up! haha.

    Happy New Year!!

  16. Happy New Year Love!! I love that you play Wii....I have a special place in my heart for mario ;)

    I wish you all the best in 2010!!


  17. Happy New Year Mari! I hope you had an excellent time last night and aren't TOO hungover this morning. ;)

    Your niece is too adorable. So excited for the meetup on the 30th!!

  18. Happy New Year!!

    You already no that I drank way to much wine last night :)