Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Uh Oh Miso Naughty

Hey chickies and Chicos =) I hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day! We have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get to it.

As you all know ayer I was out of work because I was chaperoning Hailey’s class trip. Before I headed out, I started the day off with 1 Hour of Wii Fit Step and 10 minutes of Yoga Stretches and burned 512 Calories. A lot of you have been asking me about the Wii Step and basically when you play Wii Fit, you get to unlock different “games” and I unlocked the Free Style Step which means all I have to do is go on and off the Wii Board for either 10, 20, or 30 minutes depending on what I choose and it keeps a tally of how many steps I take etc while I watch TV. Yes it can be boring but c’mon, going on a Stepper, Elliptical, Treadmill, and Bike, etc is pretty much the same concept. I also amp it up by holding 3 or 5 lbs weights and do some upper body moves AND I place the board on extra mats to make it even higher =)


After my work out I had a bowl of Kashi Oatmeal with PB and 1/2 a Banana and my usual coffee.


After I had breakfast, I headed to the school to meet the class. Let me tell you, I should have worn a sports bra on this trip. After 20 years, these buses still have the worse Shocks! I was bouncing around like a freaking rag doll. I managed to keep the kids busy but teaching them how to do this thing where you put your hands together and wiggle your index finger. Not one, mastered this lol

DSCN3479 DSCN3480 DSCN3491

We finally arrived to Puppet Works and my “girls” could not have been happier


But soon my happiness turned into pure fear! this place was scary and I am 29 Years old…imagine how some of the kids were. Some had to sit with the teachers because they were freaking out lol…I was about to sit on someone's lap too HAHA



The show itself was not that bad…they did the Ugly Duckling with Shadow Puppets and Peter and the Wolf and The Frog Prince with Marionettes



After the trip, things took an ugly turn and I blame it on the bus we were on (666). Only bad things can come from this. I believe I was possessed by Ghosts of Mari’s Past!


I had a serious case of the Mac Attack and only one thing could calm the beast….


I know I know…bad bad Mari…I blame it on the bus.

After Lunch we went back to my place and Hailey played with my Wii Fit. She tried this new “workout” which is pretty much a meditation/zen challenge. You have to sit very still on the board and just focus and not shake or move for a total of 3 minutes. If you move the slightest bit, it will stop. Homefries mastered it =)

DSCN3542DSCN3541She was really focused

I was craving more naughty food and talked my sister into ordering a Pepperoni Pizza. I’m sorry Jen for making you eat this! It was not me, it was the demon inside lol… ohhh and we watched Paranormal Activity too!


I was contemplating sharing this with you guys… I was up for most of the night debating if I should just ignore the fact that I ate this and pretend that I was a good girl ayer. But this blog is about honesty and I have to show that no one is perfect and we all have slip ups but what we do about it, is what counts. I know some people might judge my eats but I have to be honest about what I do.

I felt bad about eating all this junk so I did 30 more minutes with my Wii Fit Step and 5 minutes of Stretch and burned 291 Calories.

According to my calculations, I ate about 2025 Calories but burned 803.

My alarm never went off this morning, I was listening to my Michael Buble Station on Pandora via my phone all night and I guess Pandora trumps the Alarm lol. Thankfully my internal alarm went off and I got up around 6:40 and did 50 minutes with my Wii Fit Step (and 5 mins stretch) while I watched Biggest Loser and burned 461 Calories.

For Breakfast I had Chobani Honey Yogurt with 1/2 a Banana and PB with my usual coffee.


I packed my own lunch today and plan to stay on track. If it were not for my workouts, I would be an umpa lumpa right now lol

Have a great day!



  1. Wow! that BIG MAC lok ssooo good. Despite my diet mishaps I have always denied McD cravings... mostly because if i induldge I will be very sick! I think u should text me to guilt me into doing my wii fit workout.. i unlocked the free step and dindt see a point. LOL GOOD ADVICE DIVA

  2. ....3 times around the circuit for you Missy!!!!!! sigh.....i need to just **man up** and get my Wii.....maybe this weekend =)

  3. First of all, your sister is so cute!! Second, I think it's AWESOME that you are so honest on the blog. No one is perfect! And, um, if you could mail me a slice of that pizza, I'd greatly appreciate it. haha ;)

  4. Mo, thanks chickie! I am here if you ever need a kick in the bum

    Renata, for sure! maybe even 4 lol

    Anne Marie, that is my niece =) would have loved the pizza...real NY Style Italian Pizza =)

  5. Don't feel too bad about the burger and pizza. We all have our junk food days! And you got great workouts in so it is all good! Do you wear a heart rate monitor or does the Wii tell you the calories?

  6. I wear a HR monitor =) and she is pretty accurate...(yes everything I own is a "she" lol)

  7. THANK YOU for sharing this. This is not messing up - this is called real life. Some days we make good choices, some days we make not so good choices but it is just one day. In a life of many days. In the end - it will be insignificant.

    Looks like you had fun on Hailey's trip! I would have been totally scared of those puppets as well. I don't like the idea of large, speaking inanimate objects. Eerie.

  8. thank you Joanne! Sometimes I am scared that I might lose readers because of the things that I post

  9. No, definitely not losing any readers. Sometimes it's a struggle to eat 'perfectly' for everyone and I think everyone has days like this. I ate frosting out of a can on Sunday and it was fun!

  10. girl that BIG MAC LOOKS SO GOOD!!! you made up for it anyway!! your sissy is adorable

    i havent watched GG yet.. im dying! i heard it was awesome.

  11. I'm glad you're honest, no one is perfect all the time (did I mention my brownie+ice cream last night??) The kids are so cute but all those puppets are kind of terrifying....

  12. oh you've seen how i eat... it's all about balance... somedays, your body decides it wants pizza, and that's ok. you just gotta find the balance...

  13. Yeah, everyone's got to indulge in some junk food once in awhile. And your exercise routines look great! Cute kids!

  14. hey if you got a mac attack you need to feed the craving right?!

    your girls are sooo cute I am syure they had so much fun at the puppet show :) thanks for snapping pics

    i want to try WII fit!!

  15. Did you enjoy the Big Mac? did you enjoy the pizza? Of course you did! And, you don't do it often, so you should NOT feel bad. Thanks for being honest, and way to go by increasing your workout to make up for it (at least a bit). You're thinking the right way, good for you.

  16. Umm....yeah those puppets look CREEPY.

    And way to go staying accountable!

  17. You should be able to share your eats, good or bad. Thanks for doing so!

  18. Judge you! Never! I am right there with you. I hate people who judge or who are "food snobs"...honestly I think everyone should do what's best for them whatever that is :) not to mention if your obsessed about "food rules" etc..well then you are NOT really living life are you?...and of course, you know me...I am soooo a pizza and chocolate girl ;)
    yeah to WII!!!

  19. Nothing wrong with indulging for a day. I don't like McD's burgers but I do love the pizza...yum

  20. Mari - you are too funny today! The puppets are scary, the step is way better than just sitting around that's for sure, the 666 bus was a curse, and who cares if you ate Mikey D's and pizza today. I had a brownie and ice cream for dinner.

    BTW: My address use to be 666 no joke, the place was possessed!

  21. I think its great you posted this! You are only human and most people like to see that. You are also a wonderful aunt! How sweet ... I can't wait until my girls have field trips.

  22. I totally agree with Joanne!!
    For me that is not naughty or bad. :) you do so much. Don't be so hard on yourself chica!
    And if you lose anyone like readers, for being you then
    wave them buh bye!!!

    And on that note!

    That pizza looks hot! Yum!

  23. Why do I have a craving for McDonald's now. I blame you!!

    OMG. I loved that first pic!!! Look at the missing teeth!! AAAH!! SOOO adorable!! >.<

  24. OMG! Mari!!

    You are a McDonalds, and a Pepperoni pizza, both of which are laden with saturated fats, contain excess sugars, and HUGE vast insane amounts of salt..

    Forget the calories, just imagine what that horrible stuff did to your internal organs.

    Not to mention the mechanically recovered processed meat, used to make the pattie. Its not called 100% beef for nothing. Yukkk!

    As a punishment. I sentance you, to one whole (24hr) day of drinking nothing but water. :)

    All negative actions have negative consequences, rule number one of self-discipline! LOL!!

  25. Although I agree with Luigi's point, that maybe having both McDonald's and Pizza in one day is a bit excessive as far as fat and calorie intake goes, and then killing yourself working out to knock off the calories in between is a tough battle, IMO, but it doesn't make you bad and you don't need to be punished or to continue punishing yourself.

  26. A very well argued appeal by your friend Jen, but sorry over-ruled, the punishment should stand.

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime! lol.

  27. LOL damn Luigi was not THAT bad lol...okay maybe a little =)

  28. You have NOTHING to feel bad about girl! You are not perfect (who is?) but you work out all the time and you eat healthy most of the time. Nothing to be ashamed about or be afraid to share with us. We all do it. You are REAL :)


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