Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vampires, Werewolves, & The End of The World

TGIS! Since I work on weekend starts on Saturday afternoon =)

Today was a fun day at the gym besides this one lady who was interested in joining but was such a crab! Thankfully she decided not to lol...I don't like signing up miserable ladies, I rather lose my commission than deal with them. I did manage to sneak in a workout and burned 334 Calories.

Let's talk about some yummy eats! Ayer I met up with my sister and did some holiday shopping...I sneaked in a decaf Skinny Mocha Latte while I was driving After shopping we picked up my niece and went to the supermarket for some Groceries and Bootleg Movies lol; we got New Moon and 2012. We then came back to my place and made my dad's famous sandwiches! Ham, Swiss Cheese, on Buttered Bread (ww white) with a Slice of Tomato, and Ketchup. Pop it in the oven (open faced) for about 10- 15 minutes and din din is served. We paired the sandwiches with Sour Cream & Onion Chips and enjoyed our dinner with Edward, Jacob, and Bella lol. Oh I also had some of Hailey's Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar.

This morning I had a Green Monster for Breakfast which consisted of Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, LMM, PB, Splenda, and Water. After work I went to my mom's casa and was greeted with beautiful holiday decorations. Did I mention how much I heart the holidays! For lunch I packed a PB and Banana Sandwich on WW White Bread.

Later in the evening we were all craving Calamari and Shrimp from Lenny's (our fave Italian restaurant) so we ordered some for din din and my mom made Smart Choice Pasta to pair it with (and their Marinara Sauce). We also watched that movie really shook me up because I believe this might actually happen. Did anyone watch this? And did you hear about the 2012 theory before hand? What do you think?

Thankfully my mom made Lemon Cake and that made everything all better lol.

Do you guys have any plans for the rest of the weekend? It has been raining/snowing all day today but it should be clearing up by mañana which is perfect because I am meeting up with my friend Renata for an early walk in the park =)

Now I am going to spend some time with Dante =)...have a great night!


-- Namaste
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  1. Your eats look good! I hope the snow clears up too! I am not a fan of being out in winter weather. I like it frm inside.

  2. Sounds like a fun day! I did see 2012 and I kinda wanted them to focus more on the Mayan calendar instead of just going to the special effects. I didn't find it believable. Sorry!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Holy hell am I sore!

  3. I'd heard of the 2012 theory before but don't give it much thought. No one knows when the world will end, so why worry ;-)

    I love the banana PB sandwich, yum! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend girl.

  4. love those eats girlfrand!! especially the starbucks cup..cause im freezing right now and could really use it!

  5. my fiance is an economist, and they have to forecast what will happen for the state (revenue, taxes, how many prision beds we need, lottery sales, etc)
    their big joke is that when people ask about their predictions they just say "we're not too worried cause the world will end in 2012 anyways"

    senators are not so amused by that i guess...

  6. I havent seen 2012.. but it looks freaky deaky!

    I LOVE all your christmas decor <3 gahh .. oh the holidays make me smile!

    enjoy your weekend, lovely!

  7. Yeah - 2012 freaks me out because I heard that's it's based on 'real' stuff - yikes! - i get freaked out about death and dying, i know - calm down right?!! Loving the Xmas pictures.

  8. I haven't seen that! Not sure that I want to though haha. That lemon cake looks pretty awesome i have to say.

    And I agree, aren't we done with snow already? ;-)

  9. I hate it when I am stuck working out with people who have bad attitudes! It just makes it that much worse and no fun.

    Regarding the 2012, I actually just heard about the theory a couple weeks ago. I'll admit, I'm slightly scared! I don't know whether to see the movie or not....

  10. One of the best parts of living in NY is all of the bootleg movies. I have been hearing about the 2012 thing for a while and it kind of freaks me out. But I just have to hope that it won't turn out to be true!

    Love all the food. I ran a 10K this morning in the park. It was cold. And I'm pretty sure I have a pinched nerve in my leg so it was kind of painful but I'm definitely glad I did it. Have a fun walk!

  11. snow is all gone, darn!! ;(

    good meals there, I love pasta so much!!!

    I saw 2012, I thought it was too long and the stunts were great, but ridiculously unrealistic...but that's just me. I love John Cusack though so much!

    maybe its my ADD but who is Dante? lol

    My weekend is papers, studying, tree lights and cooking :)

    hope to see ya soon!

  12. I live day by day. If i get caught up in the 2012 bit I will never get to enjoy life.

    Menu looks good!

  13. Oh and i loved New Moon...about to RE READ eclipse


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