Friday, January 1, 2010

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year!!!!! I don't know about ya'll but I am accepting 2010 with open arms! I can't wait to start all over again and press "reset"

A lot of people are setting goals and Challenges and I decided to start one for myself and it is the Jillian 30 Day Challenge! Ya'll know how much I looooooove jil jil and why not do a challenge in ode to her lol. For 30 days I will either do one of her DVD's or her Wii Game. I set my "Resolution" for 6 months on her Wii game and it is the hardest one. I did my first scheduled workout ayer and it focused on my entire body and I burned 381 Calories in 40 minutes. What are your goals for 2010 or challenges?

Eats & Workouts

Ayer for lunch my sis, niece, and I ordered Chinese. I had Kung Pao Shrimp with brown rice and some of my sister's Orange Flavored Beef.

For din din we all went to my mom's house and she cooked a feast! Eggplant Casserole, Yuca Casserole, Rice Casserole, Ham, Potato Salad, and Shimp and Macaroni Salad. I brought a Carvel Ice Cream Cake for Dessert =).

New Year's eve was pretty low key this year which was fine by me because I was feeling under the weather. The evening consisted of us taking pictures and waiting patiently for the ball to drop.


This afternoon I woke up after 12 which is not like me at all but I guess I needed the rest. I had some leftovers from last night for lunch...Eggplant Casserole, Yuca Casserole, Rice Casserole, and Ham. I will be eating this again mañana lol.

I just worked out and did day 2 of my Resolution with Jillian's Wii Game. Today it was focused on abs and ouch did I feel it lol. I also decided to try out the Wii Step with the new Elevation that my sister got me and did 30 minutes with that.  I burned a total of 636 Calories in 75 minutes. Not a bad start for 2010

Hey have you guys heard of the Insanity Workout???( )

I have been thinking of getting it! What do you think?????

I guess I should go make din din =)

Happy New Year!!!!


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  1. aww what a great new years!
    i love all the spanish on this blog.. i feel more educated after i read !! hehe. have a GREAT night!

  2. Let me know if you get that workout!! Should be interesting!
    Girl - you are too cute :) Love it...I thought that was lasagna there- is that the eggplant casserole - it looks deliciousssss! Look forward to seeing all the goodness that the New Year brings you - you deserve it :)

  3. Yup that is the mom uses eggplant the way you would use the pasta in a is delish!

  4. I think I'll do a Jillian Michael's type challenge too. Love her!

  5. Ok, I emailed you. I seriously feel like a loser, I'm not sure how I missed that post. Thank so you much!

    And can I just say....I'm pretty sure I gain weight everytime I visit your page :) So many yummy eats!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy new years!! Looks like you had some delicious eats...jealous!

  7. Apparently Jillian has some weight loss pill? I saw it on tv it looks kinda weird- I thought she was more about working out and eating right and less on the diet pill side...

    That cake seriously looks sooo good :)

  8. Amanda you should def do it! It will be nice to have someone to do this challenge with =)

    Sana, yea I have seen it and heard her speak of it on her radio show. It is supposed to be all natural etc...who knows

  9. I Really need to try some of these workouts you are always posting. I have them on Exercise TV too, which is free, but the Wii I'm sure is MUCH better! For now, I'm focusing on yoga. The more I do, the better.

    Glad you had a happy new year's eve Mari. HAppy new year to you!

  10. Sounds like new years was good! I'm loving all that food. Mmmm! Eggplant casserole sounds divine.

    Great goals!

    <3 jess

  11. I had no idea that the balance board had lifts. I just bought a step to use with my new game. I need to do better with my research next time.

    Great Job on the Workouts!

  12. Beach Body looks killer! I, too, am accepting 2010 with open arms! Your NYE eats and pictures are wonderful, and your little girl looks so much like her mommy! Happy 2010, Mari!!! All my best!

  13. That workout sounds like a good one!! I wanna try it!

    And what a fun new years! I love all your home cooked meals :D

  14. eggplant casserole sounds grand!

    Happy New Year <3 xoxoxox

  15. Woah, holy foodgasm!

    I love how little lady poses like you. It's so cute. Where did you get your top? Me likey!

    Feliz Ano Nuevo love!

  16. All the food looks great!

    The Challenge sounds fun. Jillian is butt kicker, so you know you'll see results. Give it hell girl!

  17. This sounds like a great New Years to me. You got to spend time with the fam, eat awesome food (YUCA casserole - heaven) and just chillax.

    I hope you feel better sweetie! You probably slept so much so your body could recuperate and fight off the evil bacteria.

  18. your niece is too cute!

  19. I really want to try the wii fit. Sounds like you def. have a good time with it!

  20. Happy New Year! I am doing the Core Fusion challenge this month. Have to go to class or do the video 3 or 4 times a week! I am going to take measurements and compare at the end of the month! Good luck with yours! I'd do it too if I had a Wii haha.

  21. you look so pretty!!
    Happy New Year!

    see ya on the 30th!

  22. Sounds like a greta New Years! I LOVE that pic with your princess hat! :) You look gorgeous!

  23. ive never done Jillians work out.. but sounds fun!

  24. Happy New Year! One of these days I'm gonna have to check out Jillian's videos. Everyone loves her workouts.


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