Tuesday, January 26, 2010


That is exactly how I felt this morning…but before we talk about that, let’s do a little recap.

Eats and Workouts

My Sunday Dinner was inspired by Mo’s Recipe for Korean Tofu. I mixed together Chopped Onions, Minced Garlic, Sesame Teriyaki Sauce, Red Pepper Flakes, Szechuan Chili Paste, and a splash of water. I topped a piece of Tofu with this mixture and baked it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350. I paired it with Kale Chips sprayed with Pam, Salt, and Grated Parm. This was a really good recipe but next time I have to make it HOTTER!




On Monday morning I had Kashi Oatmeal with PB, 1/2 a Banana, and my usual Café con Leche for breakfast.


I left work early for a doctor’s appointment but first I came home for a quick workout; I did 40 minutes of Jillian’s Boost Your Metabolism and burned 365 Calories. For Lunch I made a Quesadilla with 1 Tortilla, 2% Mexican Blend Cheese, Reduced Fat Sour cream, and Salsa.


After my doctor’s appointment, I went to train my client and burned an additional 247 Calories.

After my session, I went to my friends house for din din. We picked up food from Goody’s and I had the Goat Roti.

DSCN4728 DSCN4730 DSCN4732

After din din, I did another “workout”…YES People the drought is officially OVER! Thank you Jesus!



As I mentioned before, I took some time off from work so that I can use my vacation days before D Day. The plan for today was to go to the gym early with my sister and then do some shopping. But that is not what happened.

I decided to have a Banana before heading to the gym.


I then got ready and headed out to pick up my sister…I walked to where my car was parked but another car was there… “this IS where I parked it” ((((looking around the block and no sign of my car))))) and then it hit me, DADDY! if you are a loyal reader of Namaste Mari, you know that my dad is known for not paying his parking tickets and since my car is registered under his name; they usually take MY car. I called my dad and asked him if he had any outstanding tickets…noooooo I don’t. Are you sure???? Yes I am positive. Hmmm not so much! he had 4 tickets, all for expired meters! so basically 1 dollar in quarters turned into 702 DOLLARS. And it’s not that my dad does not have the money to pay these tickets, he is just very forgetful when it comes to it and I am usually the one that has to deal with the consequences. Now you see why the title of the post is FML…

Instead of getting to the gym at 10am, we got there at 1! I hopped on the treadmill and started Day 2 of Week 2 of C25K and then it hit me “SHIT I forgot to put the paper on the car to prove that we paid off the tickets so they don’t tow me again” I hopped of the treadmill and RAN to my car. I then came back and completed the run and then did legs and arms with my sister and burned 497 Calories in an hour.

We then picked up my niece from school and got some Subway for Lunch; I had a 6 inch Honey 9 Grain Sub with 3 slices of Pepperoni, 3 Slices of Salami, 3 Slices of Swiss, Olives, Lettuce, Tomato, Sweet Peppers, Sweet Onion Dressing, and Chipotle Dressing.


After lunch, we headed to do some shopping but first I got the crap scared out of me! You guys alllllll know that I am scared of birds and this is what I was greeted with…

DSCN4739 DSCN4740 DSCN4741

My niece and I ran back around the corner so fast and waited for my mom. There must have been over 100 birds flying around and making so much noise…I thought I was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. They also left a few treats on my car and I had to get it washed on my way home…damn you birds…damn you.

We went to Old Navy first and this was a great time for a photo op…


I picked up a couple of shirts from Old Navy and then we headed to Tar-Jay and I finally got some Luna bars! And dried fruit. I can’t wait to try these bars =)


When I finally got home, I did Jillian’s Wii Game which focused on Lower Body and I burned another 340 Calories in 35 minutes. This is my last week of my Jillian Challenge AND I only missed one day so far =)

For din din I had Oikos Honey Yogurt with 1 tbsp of PB of PB and Dried Fruit.

DSCN4750 DSCN4748

I have so many blogs to catch up on…Have a great night!



  1. I just got some Oikos yogurt. However, they only have the vanilla and plain flavors at my local supermarket.

  2. That is a rough start to your day! It sounds like it turned out to be a pretty good day off from work! No doubt you'll one day be running 1/2 marathons!

  3. those old navy mannequins are WAY more scary than any birds!

  4. I LOVE that picture of your niece with the manicans (ok I spelled that wrong...)! That's classic. She's adorable.

    I can't believe your dad doesn't pay his tickets. It's kind of funny, sorry you had to get blamed though! My dad was just bragging the other day that he hasn't gotten a ticket for like 20 years! He's so abnormal.

    Love the food choices, and the Goat Roti looks fabulous.

  5. Birds freak me out too. UGH!!!! They really, really freak me out.

  6. ahhh that sucks about the car!

  7. I'd have to aggree you definitely had an FML moment! And large flocks of birds freak me out too - mainly when they're straight above me because you know what that could mean! Otherwise, great eats, and I hope you enjoy the Luna bars :-).

    And I'm sorry, but OIAJ is just too messy and inefficient for eating oats and PB - which I do love, just not in a jar ;-). But hey, I know I'm in the minority on this issue.

  8. oh my gosh!! thats an expensive car ticket :( Boo!
    Hope your day is better tomorrow, love <3

    and yes, i drooled over your goat roti.. and im a veg head:P

  9. Oh my! I hope you gave your dad a talkin' to!

    Glad you made it past the birds fo ra successful shopping trip!

  10. Sounds like a rough day but you managed to get so much done, for that you should be proud! I can't wait until you start running some races. Wish I could come up there and run one with you, maybe someday :)

  11. All that food looks YUMMY!! I love Italian subs!

    Looks like you are doing a great job with workouts!

  12. Oh jeeze that sucks about the car! I'd be flippin out too! Great job with your workouts after all of that! Yes, warm yogurt is delicious! I am in love with it in my oats!

  13. Wow. What a hectic day. I'm glad you got everything taken care of though :)

    My boyfriend is a bird watcher. He would've loved all those birds. The Old Navy mannequins scare me though! haha!

  14. FINALLY! you posted! i ws having withdrawals!
    Dont do that to me again!

    with that being said, see you at lunch mamacita

  15. Sorry about your car!

  16. The tofu looks great and oh boy did you look like you were in the movie the birds. I can see how scary that would be. My biggest fear would be getting bird poop on me on the way to work.

  17. OMG I love the pic of your neice next to the old navy models LOL, she is SO CUTE!!!! I cannot believe the 702 dollars grrr I can understand the FML....hte goat roti sounds very interesting and looks good!!! very flavorful and juiiicyyy

  18. just...... LMAO.. so not surprised.. =P

  19. Yuck. Tickets suck...as do birds, and creepy manequins. My nephew poses by them all the time, he loves them!

    Girl- goat roti?! Wow. Just wow. Hope today is a good day!

  20. It sounds like you've had a traumatic 24 hours. First the car being towed. Then the birds.

    Seriously, that is insane. And birds scare me too. And by birds I mean pigeons. Those things are ruthless!

  21. phew! what a crazy day! so much for having a relaxing day to yourself on your day off! glad you got those tickets all settled out though :)


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