Friday, January 29, 2010

The Good…

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and kind words! I am happy to say that my dad is home and recovering…this makes me VERY happy!

I want to keep this post light hearted and point out all the simple things that make me happy…

1) Trying new eats! I tried Vietnamese food with Mo when we had our tour of The Lite Choice. We went to Thai Son near Mo’s job…We started off with Summer Rolls with Satay Sauce


I took a sip of her Chicken Noodle Pho

DSCN4760 DSCN4756 

I ordered the Bun Cha Gio Spring Rolls with Lettuce on Rice Vermicelli


Look at how pretty it is!


All mixed up


I am definitely going back for more!

2) Starbucks!

DSCN4771 DSCN4770

3) Winning Giveaways! A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Mom on the Run and I won some goodies from Rudi’s Organic Bakery! The package arrived ayer! A little info on Rudi’s, courtesy of their website:

“At Rudi's Organic Bakery®, we've built our reputation on baking high quality organic products that contain the healthiest ingredients available. We are passionate about baking bread! Our strict adherence to the organic standards is a treasured part of our history. Organic is all we've done and it's all we'll ever do. We are proud of our great-tasting baked goods. Taste the organic goodness in every slice!

Our Philosophy

Integrity. Exhibiting honesty and good intentions in all of our business dealings. Demonstrating integrity through product quality and truth in labeling.

Compassion. Conducting our business with fairness, empathy and caring in our dealings with customers and employees.

Excellence. Baking the highest quality products at reasonable cost to provide our customers with the best value.

Creativity. Demonstrating flexibility and innovation in how we run our business and create our products for the benefit of our customers, employees, community and the environment.

Success. Achieving business success and profitability through teamwork, honest communication, accountability and responsibility to community.”

DSCN4823 DSCN4824

I could not wait to try these so I made myself a sammie for breakfast with the Honey Sweet Wheat Bagels


I would totally recommend these to anyone I know that is a bagel fan…and hey I’m from New York so I know a few things about bagels lol. What I loved about this bagel was that it was NOT as hard as a rock and NOT the size of a quarter AND only 130 Calories! AND tasted delish of course!


4) Simple and Healthy Meals!


5) No Guilt Desserts from TLC

DSCN4831 DSCN4847

6) Zucchini Fritters Gyros


Inside…yuuuuums and yup those ARE French-fries in there lol


7) Workouts! I have been doing great with my workouts…I have burned almost 2900 Calories so far this week. ((((patting myself on the back)))))

8) Bloggie Meet-ups! I can not wait until mañana!!!!!


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