Monday, January 4, 2010

Guess Who!

So I just discovered that I don't need a new laptop to blog from home. All I needed was a handy dandy Wireless G PC Card AND a neighbor who has not put a password on their Wifi yet lol. It’s so sad that I just discovered this, especially since I work for an IT company! This is why I am the Office Manager and not one of the Techs lol.DSCN4404DSCN4400

This is a little slower than blogging from work but hey at least I don’t have to blog from my phone on my days off (for now)

Today has been a long day…thankfully I had the right eats to keep me energized. For Lunch I had 1/2 a cup of Brown Rice with 1 cup of Spanish Style Roman Beans with Onions and Peppers and 1 Oatmeal cookie for dessert (yes just one)



After work I rushed home to change and pick up all my equipment for the training session. Can I just say How much I love love love my new client! She is so dedicated and wants this so badly. I say “go” and she does…she does not question me or complain…she is why I love to train and help people.  AND I managed to burn almost 400 calories while I was training her =)

After the training session I rushed to my favorite Jamaican Restaurant which is about 10 minutes from my client’s house, to pick up din din. This place is so popular that usually when I go to get my dinner in the evening, they are sold out of what I want. Which sucks because I have to drive pretty far to get there and cross a bridge.  This time I made a point to call them in the afternoon and asked them to put my food on the side. I guess my voice matches my face because when I walked in tonight, I was greeted with “Hi Maria” (I don’t care what they call me as long as they saved my food lol). I ordered a Goat Roti. I am not really sure how to describe the Roti but from what I see on blogs, the texture is pretty similar to Naan

Ohhh what’s inside?????


Curry Goat and Potatoes! DSCN4397

I didn't eat all of it…most of it was bones and I tossed some of the Roti outDSCN4398

If you are ever in the Rockaways and what some good Jamaican Take Out, I suggest you go to Goody’s (the name says it all)

Have a great night!!!!



  1. yay for free internet!

  2. I have never tried goat. How is it?

    I wish you could train me, Mari! That would be fantastic.

  3. Amanda the best way to describe the flavor of this is to compare it to Beef Stew. Goat has a very similar texture to that. Btw are you an Andy ever planning to come to NYC?????

  4. Mari, Wow that looks delicious, although to be honest last time I ate Goat curry, I found it a bit tough.

    Although im a huge fan of West Indian cuisine in general.

    Hope your leg is better.

  5. nice with the free internet!! very excited for you!
    I have never tried goat! is it gamey at all? as for the berry oats, all I do is make oats with water and 1/2 banana in teh microwave and then cook it till its basically done, but then at the end stir in frozen berries. Then I put the whole thing back in the microwave for about a minut or less till the berries get all warm and the oats become berry oats!

  6. That's awesome that you figured out how to blog from home without buying a new computer! Yay, for saving money!

  7. Score on the free internet! I used to get free cable because the previous tenant never shut it off. About two years later, it shut off one day. It was nice having two years of free cable. haha!

    The goat sounds delish!

  8. Never had roti before. you must take me.

  9. oh and if you need to use the internet you can always blog at my house! :-)


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