Friday, January 15, 2010

The Other Shoe Dropped…

So it is official, I will be out of a full time job in February. I’ m not going to go into that many details (closing down) but I just wanted to let you guys know the situation. Ha I feel like the “Situation!” Damn Jersey Shore Overload ha

Eats And Workouts

Ayer for lunch I had more rice and beans! How tired are you of looking at this???? With 1/2 a Banana on the side. Many of you guys never tried rice and beans with a Banana…I am Dominican and this is how we do it ha. Give it a try =)


After work I rushed home (again) and made a quick dinner! Who says quick can’t be healthy??? Not me! lol. I threw together Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms, Onions, Red Peppers, and Tofu in Oil, Red Pepper Flakes, Garlic, and Salt

DSCN4573 DSCN4571

I then added some PB, Sesame Teriyaki Sauce, Szechuan Hot Paste, and Slivered Almonds.

DSCN4575 DSCN4577 DSCN4579 This tasted AMAZING!

After din din, I rushed (sense a theme) to go train my client.

I could not WAIT to get home last night and just loaf on my couch and watch bad reality tv…((((((((fist pumping))))))))

I snacked on Protein Cookie Dough



This morning, I struggled to get up since I was up until midnight watching Jersey Shore but Missy and I made a pact via twitter that we would both do morning workouts even though we were up late. Today Jil Jil focused on abs and I burned 187 Calories in 32 minutes.

For breakfast I had the best bowl of Yogurt Messes EVER! Honey Chobani, with Raisins, 2 Oatmeal Raisin cookies, and PB! Heaven in my mouth! (that sounded dirty lol)


Hey Chobani or Oikos…maybe you can send me a free year supply of yogurt since I will be jobless! lol just putting it out there =)…I kid I kid

For Lunch I had….c’mon guess….just guess! you can do it. RICE AND BEANS


But this time I paired it with leftover Apple and Cranberry Dressing


I have so much work to do over here in the next couple of weeks…packing up, shredding etc…I should get to it.

OHHH on a lighter note! Mañana is my 400th Post so stay tuned for my Q&A!



  1. Sorry about the job :-/ I hope everything works out. I can't wait to read the Q&A though!

  2. You are lucky you got up! I would have thrown a margarita on you on the 30th...but that might not be so bad lol. Yeah your yogurt mess today looks better than ever! I will keep my eye open for jobs around here. I need one too!

  3. lets change your blog name to RICE AND BEANS.
    you really need to try kashi cookies. I will be at walmart this wknd. I can pick u up some. they are chock full of goodness and yumminess!

    Sorry about work.. but i think you are destined for greater things!

  4. whooo for 400th post!!
    love your eats
    sorry about your job love :(
    GOTA CATCH UP ON JERSEY SHORE! amen.. i love twitter!

  5. 400 post!!!! That is amazing :)

    Sorry about the job situation. Stay positive! You are such an amazing person, any job would be lucky to have you.

  6. way to get up early girl!

    that pb stirfry combo is awesome sounding for a quick and healthy dinner. i'm pretty sure i can forsee something like that in my futaah!

    enjoy the weekend!

  7. Sorry to hear about your job. A friend of mine actually lost her job today too, I can't imagine how hard that must be.

    Congrats on the 400th post, I'm about to hit a milestone myself...

  8. Glad to hear a comment I left helped you :)
    Life is hard sometimes isn't it!

    The Cranberry Dressing you made looks great as do ALL of your lovely veggie plates! wow, I love going to blogs where people serve veggies,not just oatmeal :)


  9. SO sorry to hear about your job Mari, that's really a huge bummer. I hope you have another one lined up, or at least your company will help you find another?

    As for eats, I'm proud of you girl! That pan full of deliciously stir-fried veggies is making my mouth water over here!

  10. Sorry to hear about the job :(

    I'm looking forward to your Q&A

  11. Oh my Mari...I feel for you! Was this expected or sudden?? Do you have any plans/opportunities/support?? I understand why you said you needed my post...gosh...ugh life just really bites sometimes doesn't it :(...and yet you still have your same

  12. mm heaven in your mouth breakfast does sound like heaven in your mouth!! sorry about your job, i know you will get another great one SO soon!!

    OMG jersey shore keeps getting better and better!

  13. Ah, sorry about the job, but I just bet something else even better will come your way. Your tofu dish sounds great!

  14. I'm so sorry about your job. I hope it's a blessing in disguise for you. Keep your head up :)

    I was wondering what kind of heart rate monitor you use. I want to know how many calories I burn during my workouts like you do. I want to copy you ;)

  15. I'm so sorry about your job!! I hope it all works out for the better.

    Banana and beans? NEAT!
    <3 jess

  16. Oh shit. I'm sorry abt the job. Guess they just can't handle your Dominican hotness. But I pray that you'll find someplace that can, and let you shine! Maybe this is just the beginning of something new and great?

    banana? I thought it was plantains! :-)

  17. Oh boy! I am so sorry. I hope this leads to an even better door being open for you in the end.

    I can't wait for the Q&A!

  18. Love your tofu stir fry and all of your eats. I'm so proud of you every day!

    Things happen for the best- you'll see! Take care from your favorite Russian Grandma!

  19. I'm sorry about the job.. I hope it's going to work out for the better! Just remember everything happens for a reason!!

  20. I am sorry about the job! You will find something that works!! I have Jersey Shore overloadddd!

  21. I am so sorry...don't worry, although I know its easy to say, I know how you feel. everything will be ok. hang in there.

  22. Sorry to hear about the job, but don't feel too down. You'll soon get another one!

    Mari, rice and beans looks nice, but can't you put it on a plate. lol.


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