Monday, January 11, 2010

Pop Goes the Weasel & The Weasel Goes POP!

Hey CHICAS and CHICOS!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys had a great Monday! As good as Mondays can go lol.

I am super sore today…my inner thighs are literally on fire…I swear if you look close enough, you will see flames lol. But it’s that “good” sore which I love. The sore feeling that tells me that I worked hard.

The last time we spoke, I predicted that Protein Cookie Dough was in my near future…and I was right


I should start playing the lottery lol.


This morning I took it easy and only did 30 minutes of Jillian’s Boost Your Metabolism and burned 259 Calories.

Even though it was Monday and I was in a funk to go back to work after my Staycation, I was happy about one thing…OIAJ!!!!!


I tossed in some raisins and had my usual café with it.

Another thing that made me day was this fabulous box!


Corinne from Popchips sent me so many goodies to try out! I can not wait to dig into this box! I had no idea they had so many flavors! Original, Barbeque, Cheddar, Sour Cream & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Salt & Pepper. THANK YOU SO MUCH CORINNE!!!!


I have so many choices, I have no idea what to try first! lol. Stay tuned for my reviews =)

Today for lunch I had 1/2 a cup of Brown Rice with 1 cup of Spanish Style Black Beans with Onions and Peppers.


And for Dessert I tried Pineapple Chobani…Remember when I said Peach was my favorite flavor??? NOPE NOT SO MUCH lol…this is my New Fave. It was so thick and the flavor was so smooth. I have to run back to Keyfood and check if they are still on sale so that I can stock up.


I had to train my client tonight at 6 so I decided to eat dinner really early. I brought this Pizza over the weekend because I have been craving pizza like WOAH! but I never had a chance to eat it.


I know some of you are anti frozen food and especially anti frozen pizza but I personally don’t think they are that bad for you IF you eat them in moderation. I did try to find a Veggie Personal Pan Pie but they only had this one and the meat one. It tasted pretty good but I think it could have tasted better if I had heated up in the oven instead of the microwave but since I was short on time, this was my quickest option.


Will I buy this again? Yes.

After din din, I rushed to train my client…it was a good workout today. I had to take it easy on her because she is fighting a sinus infection but I still kicked her booty =).  I managed to burn 248 Calories while I trained her.

Time to catch some ZZZZ’s…have a goodnight sweeties.



  1. oh! popchips is the best thing to just pop in :) hope you enjoy them!

    these jillian workouts totally sound killer! glad you're enjoying them though!

  2. I love popchips and they are delish. Hope you enjoy

  3. Pop Chips are so good! I love that there's only a few servings per bag...cause once you pop, you can't stop ;) I like the Original best...I'll be anxious to see which you like best!

  4. I love popchips! Especially the bbq flavored ones. Can't wait to see how you like them!

  5. Lucccky! Pop chips and chobani AND OIAJ? I'm super jealous. When are you going to share with your creepy blog friend? :)

  6. flames coming out of your inner thighs.. oh mari you are too much!! LOL

  7. I feel the flames after Core Fusion. I can't handle Jillian...maybe in time though :)

    I've never had Popchips. I hope you like them!

  8. The rice and beans are looking delicious. Are they spicy and coconutty, like the Jamican stuff.

    That round "thing" that came out of a box, looks familar. A kinda familiar shape, nothing I recognize though im sure. LOL!!

    I love this blog, your such a likeable cheeky character.

  9. I havne't tried Popchips, but Trader Joe's makes chips that I imagine are very much the same.

    I almost picked up Jillian's DVD in Target the other day. Now I wish I had.

  10. I have to agree with Julie, those Jillian workouts do seem pretty hard-core! I also actually have a question too... how do you calculate the number of calories you've burned? Just curious :-)

  11. Yay popchips! They are my fav! Glad to hear you liked pineapple chobs. I will have to try it! Now I want pizza.

  12. totally right about MODERATION I think that everything is ok in moderation...cake and brownies included :) glad you enjoyed your pizza!!

    never tried popchips, i think its time to jump on teh bandwagon!!

  13. I haven't tried PopChips, but the name alone makes me want to taste them!

  14. I personally like the Lean Cusine pizzas. I never treid the diGiorno ones... but i still lves them!

    I love love love pop chips! I use the chips sometimes as a crunchy oven bake topping! I crumbled the parmesean flavor and pressedit onto some chicken and baked it. It tasted like fried chicken! it was amazign!

  15. people are sending you stuff to sample? cool!

    I love that pizza, I got one new years week and added a bunch of veggies on top, delicious!!

  16. That box of popchips look fun! And everything (including microwave pizza) is good in moderation ;-)

  17. I HAVE to try those Pop chips!! I still haven't.

    Is that pizza whole wheat/whole grain crust?? Remember our conversation on Twitter young lady?! ;)

  18. your blog reminds me so many times htat i need to make some rice and beans...

    now i just need to remember when i'm cooking lol


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