Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Right Choice…

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Claudia Giraldo The Director of Operations of The Lite Choice to receive a tour of their location and of course I jumped on the chance! The best part was that they also invited Mo and we were able to do a duo tour. Incase you never heard of The Lite Choice, here is a quick background about them (from their website):

The Lite Choice (TLC) is a soft-serve made from the finest (100 %) all-natural and organic ingredients and farm-fresh dairy. .

Our soft serve is low fat, low carb, lower calorie. There’s NO corn syrup, artificial additives, or preservatives. Our original or chocolate soft serve is blended with all natural and certified organic flavors to create any flavor anytime! We’ve created flavor groupings from 80-120 calories per serving, since some flavors may change the nutritional facts slightly.

What sets TLC apart from all other frozen desserts?
There’s NO corn syrup, artificial additives, or preservatives. The Lite Choice takes it a step further and offers customers more than 50 Certified Organic flavors- setting TLC apart from all other brands of soft-serve frozen dessert. The Lite Choice leaves no stone unturned and insures freshness and a healthier product. Each TLC store grinds its own fresh peanut butter and almond butter daily in our nut grinding mills. We use all-natural peanuts and almonds which are then blended into the mix to create three of our most popular flavors - Almond Butter, Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Fudge.


We got there a little early and Claudia was in a meeting so they offered us some Soft-Serve while we waited. I tried Coconut, French Vanilla, and Peanut Butter first….


These were all amazing! I especially loved the French Vanilla and the Coconut Flavors! We obviously enjoyed these very much! Thumbs up!

DSCN4782 DSCN4779

After we were done stuffing our faces enjoying the different flavors, Claudia and Ron Greenstein whom is the President and CEO gave us a tour… the first thing that caught my eye was this!!!!! I am so proud of you Missy!


They offer cakes for various occasions…


You can surf the net while you enjoy your soft serve either with free Wi-fi or you can use their computers for a very low fee…as a blogger this is a pretty big deal for me! lol


Every day they rotate the soft-serves that are offered BUT you can ALWAYS request your favorite flavor and they will make it for you!

Any Flavor, Anytime!

Choose from any of our 100% All Natural, Certified Organic or
All Time Favorite flavors and we will make it for you in 60 seconds.
Available in any cup size.


They have so many flavors to choose from.


and yummy toppings to make a Sundae!!!!


Ya’ll know how much I love love love Nut Butter and I was so impressed that they make their on nut butter right there on the spot for their ice creams! I wanted to take these machines home lol


You also have the option to have your soft-serve to-go

Any flavor anytime!
Chocolate, Vanilla
Banana, Lemon Meringue, Cookies and Cream, Oreos n Cream, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Chocolate
Regular, Large, & Heart Shape



My favorite part of the tour was when we got to try various flavors…I of course requested to try Piña Colada…First they put the French Vanilla soft serve in a cup


And then add the various flavors…

DSCN4790 DSCN4791

Mix it all up…


This tasted AMAZING! Mari was a very VERY happy girl!


We also tried, Banana (double yums) and Almond Butter (GASP)


Just when we thought things could not get any better, Ron told them to bring in the Coffee Freeze…this was so delish that I didn’t even need my Splenda and you guys know how dependent I am on that lol.


I was hopped up on coffee and wanted to try out the machines! don’t worry I was just pretending lol


Did I also mention that they make Health Shakes?!?! Because they do!

And they are Kosher!

The Lite Choice is Kosher. Our milk is certified OU, and our flavors are Parve Mark. Our seven corporate owned stores are Certified Kosher. See Certificate. Our dry toppings are certified by a variety of supervising organizations


It is pretty cold in NY so they let us warm up with some Hot Choco-Lite before we left…


AND they let us take some soft-serve home! I felt like I was in the Willy Wonka Factory!!!!!


Thank you so much Claudia and Ron! I had such a great time meeting you both and I am sure I will come back for more!

Also, If you will be attending the Blog Meet Up on Saturday, they have arranged for us to go to their Forest Hills location for dessert! These people are truly amazing!

I had a blast!!!! (nope we did not plan to have matching shirts on lol)


Me, Mo, and ClaudiaDSCN4809

If you are in the NYC Area Today… Be the first to arrive after 6pm at the TLC store located at 8th & 21st & you'll win a $40 gift certificate!!!!

Here is a list of all of their locations, make sure you check them out, I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Also follow them on Twitter or Facebook so that you can hear about all their great promotions!



  1. how awesome!!! I wish I was there!

    Thank you for your comments amiga! You inspire my workout mojo!!!

    Please come to cali! We will have so much fun!

  2. That looks like such a fun tour. I love that you can have any flavor at anytime. I wonder who will be running to the store to be the first one there at 6pm. What a fun contest.

  3. What fun! TLC needs to expand to the Boston area because I would be a regular, repeat customer!

  4. That loosk so awesome. I am totally jealous. I wish we had something like that here, but I live on a teeny tiny island, so unless I oipen my own I am stuck with the usual fro yo...and I am not complaining really since mine is served up on the beach. But I am jealous of all the flavors and toppings.

  5. I wish they had one in the boston area!! Looks like so much fun :-)

  6. What a FANTASTIC experience!!!! That's so cool. We don't have one of those around here, but I wish we did. I'm such a fan of soft serve. Actually, my ice cream/yogurt maker is a soft serve maker!
    I am going to try making some almond butter soft serve soon, like TLC, that sounds amazing. Maybe even MIXED with banana!!

    So excited you got to experience this. And while I normally wouldn't recommend tons of soft serve, this is an exception!! I want to come next time, please :)

  7. I think I visited one of their locations when I was in NYC back in March of last year. It was small and the soft serve I had tasted ok but it wasn't quite the experience I imagined (like your pictures). Must've just been that location though.

  8. Yep, here it is (at the end):

  9. This truly sounds like the ice cream place of my dreams! Organic ingredients, no HFCS, freshly ground nut butter...ah could it get any better! Lucky girl :)

  10. that looks like it was so much fun! Very cute pics :)

  11. Yay they are so amazing! Thank you for sharing my sign! Love it! I can't wait for our private TLC party on Saturday!! I told Ron and Claudia that we will all be stumbling in nice and drunk for some soft serve!

  12. Sarah, I am sorry that your experience was not that great. The next time you come to NY, I am going to go with you and we will order the Piña Colada! So goooood! and you will love love love the Banana Soft Serve

  13. that's amazing.. so jealous!! that's totally willy wonka!!!!

  14. MMMM.
    i was there and i lived to tell the story!

  15. Whoa what an awesome place!! I would have been in heaven! lol

  16. Yum yum gimme some!

  17. That is so awesome!!

  18. ahhh i sso want to go heree<3

  19. I must get over to the east coast, if for no other reason...for soft serve! I am a soft serve FANATIC!!!

  20. I AM SO JEALOUS! I want one of thsoe TLC's in boston so bad!! I would be there everyday, it would be a blessing and a curse I guess, LOL but I really do want it! so jealous of your experience and your take home goodies! what a fun tour! thank you for taking us along :)

  21. I AM SO SOOOO jealous! And you are seriously sooo cute! :)

  22. Oh Mari, If I was still eating dairy I would be in heaven there!! I love all the wonderful flavors!!!


  23. My family is officially jealous that I get to experience this! How many days before we meet!!! YAY :)

  24. OMG. I wish I lived there now. SOOOOO cool, and I'm so thrilled you and Monique got the opportunity to tour that wonderful place!
    And girl, why are you getting prettier and prettier each day. Are you sure you're aging? lol.


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